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Think I just didn't get it..............................
Ah~ I shouldn't place my hopes too high........thinking that I'm a perfect noob.....................
I tried not to be sad.
Let's don't be sad.
Maybe I'll just get over it by doing HongKi's face yoga..........................

Epik High new MV; Map The Soul (bonus cute Mithra and HongKi)

credits: Map The Soul@You Tube (Epik High's own account)
Yeah, I know I know. 
It's not Super Junior, I know. Can't I just spazz about this wonderful team? I'm a newfound fan when I heard Epik High's latest song; Map The Soul. Seriously, they don't kid people when they said forget others and take only their stuff, this is a pure genius!! Thumbs up!! From a hip-hop follower like me! XD
Talking about hip-hop.
I'm still looking for Joe Flizzow's President here and there =___=; anybody knows where I can get his piece of thing? I want to buy his CD first before I go for Epik High's Book+CD. It's bilingual (Korean+English) and damn....I just want it!!!
And you can get a piece of Map The Soul here
And the main purpose for this entry neutralized my brain because I've been posting about Super Junior FOR EACH OF MY ENTRY!! Which is not okay. I am an easily bored person.  Before I get bored spazzing about them, let me spazz about other things so …

If only I am married to Min........

I'm crazy already!!
Here is how my baby would look like if I made one with Sungmin~~
Adorable isn't he/she? ^^ His/her name is Lee Je Won, english name is Justin/Justine Lee, Malay name should be Adil/Adila Lee :D

I'm sure the lashes and eyes are mine, and the lips and chin are Min's. But whose nose and brows are those??? I'm not sure.....but I do think the generator kind of mix here and there~ because none of us had that down-right brows and button nose. But still, I do think this baby is cute :3
Thanks to ICQ@plurks for sharing this link with me

Sayanghaeyo Norfy a.k.a Mrs. Lee Sungmin? LMAO!!!


Both videos credits to CodeAnalysis@YouTube

Jung Soo is crying again....aawww..... let him cry... he had been working so hard! Why?? I will tell you my reason why later ^^
And Hyoyeon and Sunny (my personal favorite of SoShi) are being dorky, dancing and singing Sorry Sorry together!! XD 
2AM is cute too~~ the idol show must've bring them together :D
And....Hongki and Heechul moment, lol!! Them being dorky together is soooo my favorite!! I mean, two AB boys, pretty boys I mean, being dorky on stage, perfect LOL
Will spazz later, time to out!

Sayanghaeyo Norfy
P/S: I don't like KyuMin's striped jacket! ><

Star King: Super Junior's dugeun-dugeun meter?

Norfy: My special ability is to make you guys looks stupid in my blog!!! Super Junior: HUH???!!!
This is only some cuts of SJ in Star King, theres another with Donghae doing his magic trick as well. 

Here, I can't say that I'm not jealous, I mean, I'm a fan, though I realized like since their comeback that I won't get any chance to date any of the boys, but I still feel the heat of jealousness when I see Min, wif rolled up sleeves, alluring expressions, perfect gestures and lines, he is oh-so-fine, with that girl, provoking the possibilities and all.... Okay, enough bout that.
So, Kang Ho Dong make his own cupid service here, with the magic-girl as the bachelorette, and the SJ boys as the contestants who would try to win her hearts.
Let the dugeun-dugeun meter BEGIN!!!
CREDITS To SoopieSan@YouTube

Donghae: This kid, I do think if he didn't succeed as an idol, he probably a guy who goes around breaking girls' heart. LOL!! He knew what and …


Just came back from my duty as MC. Heck, it was lame, as it's only for a short (mere 15 minutes) ceremony with not more than 25 people, so I did a pretty good job with all the experience I grabbed back in college. 
I cried, no kidding. I broke down when I heard Jung Soo called out 'KIBUM-AH!!'
and suddenly Kelly Clarkson's 'For A Moment Like This' played in my head.
Congratulations boys! You deserves it well.........
Sorry Sorry antis, 2009, is simply SUPER JUNIOR's YEAR!!!
The Performance

Vidz credits to  Uploaded in YT from
I need to go for my shower now, I told you I just came back from work!! =================================================== Because The Tears of Joy is beautiful...

This man, had worked so hard to be a leader of 12 boys...he deserves to cry, let him cry... *dust off Jung Soo's shoulder, a sign of appreci…

I keep on falling~

P-sshi: Why don't you blog about Hae for once? <----She is Hae-bias Norfy: ...................... Ah~

I am a Sungmin-bias. Yes I am~ I knew that since SJ-H debuted (I recalled me, craving for more him at that time, after watching his famous chocolate pudding incident in EHB).
The SuPy's pic of him that I totally like, dunno why?
I have always curious about him. I want to know more of him. I want to see what more he can offers us fans. I mean, who is he actually? I really wanna know more. Thus, I loved him. I've had helplessly in love with him. In that crowd of 13 hwangja, only one guy stands out eventhough he is like....'imitating' the wall =.=;
But this......
 thanks to fruity fruit1@YT
.....had made me fell in love to him, all over again.....
My short spazz ends here.
Sayanghaeyo Norfy
p/s: pssstt.... I would be the Medal Acceptance Ceremony's MC for today~ I hope I will do fine!! ^^ *Takes Lee Teuk and Heenim as example in head*
*piccies credits as tagged + alex@super…

Heenim and why we CAN'T hate him

Heenim: It's about time for you to spazz about me, ha! Norfy: Geeze... I don't know if I'm actually a fan or an anti to you! 
Late spazzing tonight (again), I was bored doing these datas so here I am to spazz.

You see, Super Junior is one group with massive count of members, 13+2. But that is before I get to know EXILE and AKB48, that is another story. When you got too many members in group, you've got to really fight for the attentions, especially when all the members are talented and notice-ably good looking. It would be so hard to get to the front!
Yet, no matter how, there is always ONE member who can outshine others, eventhough he didn't want to.  He caught attentions, in every ways possible, whether we like it or not. Nobody can't resist a little glance on this one dude in Super Junior and you will feel the emptiness when he is not around. Yes, I bet you know whom I'm talking about.
It's our Cinderella Kim Hee Chul.
Pretty Heenim
Me and P-sshi was discus…

Are you a criminal??? Let's take a look!!

Hi y'all,
Just in case you guys didn’t know, let me tell you something about my lacking in virtual knowledge. I start to had my own email when I hit 14, that is also the year I spend my days as Michael Jackson’s fangirl. On those days, virtual fandom had no such things as rules and not to mention that though MJ’s sites are really active, but still, the ratio of people spazzing are not as compatible with the spazzes that I see in my new fandom recently. So what are spams? Flames? Hotlinking? One-liner? Bandwidth? I really couldn’t recall anything similar to that back than.

When I get myself bited on Hallyu wave, I was surprised on a bunch of new terms I had never heard of before!! Generally, the amount of different fansites and forums amazed me. And I’m embarrassed to ask. Hahaha! That is really sick. So I just tag along and learn slowly. Until I become a mod myself, I do understand what the hell I need to avoid. But still, I’m just a noob. And my biggest fault is not to ask!! LMAO!!

Sorry Sorry, I posted late kekekek~

I seriously love Shindong's Sorry Sorry image best after Hyukjae ^__^
Well peeps, it seems that I am really busy but since I promised to spazz (and I couldn't help but to do it!!) so here we go!! Spazz paradise baybehh!!
*Together, forever, you're still in my heart~
Let's start with Mubank.  Everybody knows what our oppa did at the back stage right? I love their dedications to Kibum through TV. It's very sweet and makes the fans know Kibum had never been left out :) 

OUCH! Apparently, Mubank is really good in believing theirselves.....believe that the lightings that set ablaze on most of people's eyes are cool to be used AGAIN. Yet, I've got to compliment Sungmin for his improvement of doing FIERCE. Remember that I called him angry kittens before (applied this to Wookie as!!)? Well, my jaw dropped because he could finally awed me with the real fierce aura during this performance. But hell, I'm away so I missed the chance to watc…

Uh~ I can't not post, can I?

Heenim, Siwon, Hangeng, Donghae and KIBUMMIE Marie Claire photoshoot and interview. Just because I know how all of us miss Kibum so much..... and you can download the interview (just in case you wanna stare at Kibum more) at
I'm a fan of Alex (sarangsj authoress) as she is  the best author of SJ's stuffies, always recent and updated ^^ Not to mention that 85% of the piccies that I got in my blog are taken from there. Plus, she is A SUNGMIN-CENTRIC AS WELL!! XD XD XD
I seriously am busy and tried so hard to avoid blogging or spazzing. 
Recently I got problem over something, it really shocks me as I'm kind of careful about it. But well, it seems that my chance to get through is kind of slim? Though I'm not doing it.....
I got serious mis-communication with my dad. And I couldn't stand my significant other. I think, men in my life are meant to hurt me...aishh...
So much trouble that I get this week. I realized I'm not taking a good care o…

I have to clear something...

Okay, this is not spazzing. But people are asking me about being a pro-ELF. Where did you get my e-mail addie anyway??? I wonder?? Ahh...I forgot that I took orders for the 3rd jib... =.=;
Pro-ELF at the Majestic Miss Healerzz side bar doesn't means that I know SJ so well. Nor did I'm trying to say I can answer 1001 of trivias and questions about them. Pro-ELF that I put there means, I'm an avid fan of SJ. I mean, I may be Dears (Gackt's fans), Cassiopeia, VIP, SHINee World and all, but above all the fandom that I joined, I put myself as ELF first. Wasn't that quite obvious? LOL
So please stop asking me about SJ's trivias and the post that I made before. Those are all plain spazzing. It's not something that you can take out, it's just my point of view and the thing is that, I love to make fun of SJ as much as I love them. 
So I think it's kinda clear now? Ok, peeps. I'm back to my hiatus
Sayanghaeyo Norfy


As you can see
The F4 boys from Boys Over Flowers are as dorky in reality!!!
Ah~ I can't see Min Ho anyway? But I get a good laugh from this!!! I mean, I'm not a fan who is following SS501 so I just get some surface on how Hyun Joong is like. I thought his characterisitics would resembled....Yunho, charismatic, leader-sshi all over. 
So I don't expect him to do THAT!!! LMAO!!
Oh. Why is Kim Bum facing the camera all the time? He looks like he is doing a CF. LOL!
Ok. Ok. Now I'm really going to bed
*Pic credits to ISPLUS + K-popped!

Late Spazz, Short Hiatus

Norfy: I don't know why on earth did I like you. I mean, you look fake, you're too thin, your laughing sounds are scaring me sometimes, you're too old for an idol blah blah blah Jung Soo: TT_____TT than go found someone else to like, you're too scary for a fan Norfy: But I like you, oppa!! ^///^ Yesung: *Thank God, now I'm spared from her*
Ah~ life is just like a wheel.
Once, I felt like I have all the time I want for myself. Now, it was really hard to get a single hour to spazz~ If only I wouldn't be so in need of money and not that eager to help..... ah, I was so hurted but I just have to continue anyway, I know what I'm doing
So, here I am, nearly 4 a.m. of friday, wanna spazz a bit just to end this misery of looking at the old posts. ISH! Not fresh at all!! So I decides to spazz.
What is there to spazz anyway? Uhmm...... I'm not that thrilled to go "OHMIGOSH! Kangin and Taeyeon are dating!" or "OHMIGOSH AGAIN! Jessica is dating Jaejoong fosh…

Of Sungmin, Heenim and Wookie (my top 3 bias)

Heenim: Did you just rejected me for a date??? Donghae: *gasp* Wookie: Huh? Me? Norfy: Yes. Wookie, get in the car, NOW. Kangin, Hangeng: ....................
Okay, flood of tears came in my mailbox because of the open letter about Kibum. Even fishama unni texted me to say how saddening the post is!! Whoa, don't cry girls (or boys, as I just knew that SJ got fanboys as well :P)!! It's just..... something I wrote for him, so he would know that people still wants him as Kim Kibum of Super Junior.   Cheer up! :)
In order to repay the tears that I just caused, okay, I'll try to be funny for you guys. It's regarding SJ's comeback in the three performances, Mubank, Mucore and InGa (these shortforms made me laugh heartily!! Told you I'm a noob!). Let the spazz begins!
Seriously people, we all know they supposed to have that charismatic values in order to get those squeals from fans (they don't have to, I squealed even to see Sungmin scratch his chin). And from my humble,…

To All ELFs, From Our Dearest Kibum

credits to sok633 + sapphirepearls

It's unfair, that we found one another
and always stayed being alone,
Hours , days , weeks and months
havent made us closer,
Even though we stay afar,
My heart still beats for you, 
and always do wait for you.

poem credits to

White Day + Come Back Stage + Me

Dissappearance of members day by day...... Can we make it happen again?
I don't know I should felt happy or not? But overall, I lead a happy day this saturday. Watch Music Core Live for the first time in my life, using TV Ants. That is like a whole new experience to me~ sounds soooo noob! Yes peeps, I am a noob. Hahahaha~
Super Junior had their CB at MBC and personally, I love the stage better because I could see the whole dancing happening there. In MuBank, it was lavishly bathe with lightings which blinds me all the time. I can't catch their legs dancing, let alone faces. Huh~ But I enjoy it, very much. I guess you guys enjoys it too? ^^
Uhm. It was nothing special. Just that, a fangirl like me who is certified addicted to internet by my own dad who is also a psychologist, had a life too. I realized I had lost contact with my college fellas a bit long of time. I got a call from my best guy friend, telling me that our juniors are going for the national stage. That stage, is our d…


SuJu: Sorry Sorry for ruining your girls performance.....T__T
SoShi: GEE! That's okay boys~ ^^
I'm a new ELF, I was discovered in June 2008, thus, my wait for SJ is around 9 months. But I just can't wait. I was impatient. I was excited. I had blood-rush and cold hands when I waited for the moment of them to perform their comeback stage. That is me. 9 months old ELF.
How about the ELFs who had been loyal to them since their debut time? The last time Don't Don released, it was like 1 year and 6 months. They must've been missing SJ like mad. More crazy than I am. I just can't imagine their feelings. 
Sorry Sorry had healed some pain of waiting when they just released. The teaser pictures did dry some tears of constantly going against what antis had said. One thing missing. One thing, oh. 
MV a.k.a Music Video.
It's not up. ELF have been waiting for their beloved 'husbands' for the MV.  And the live stage is almost here!! Where are you dear MV?
Pounding hearts…

Down with fever but still wanna spazz~

Min: I know what you're thinking, you better stop!
Norfy: What?? *drools all over keyboard*
I do know that growing your last tooth is a big pain, becoz I experienced it the last six months on the left jaw.
Now, I don't expect the last tooth at the right one is growing just after 6 months of the painful process. The effect is so great! I couldn't think straight for almost entire day.
But I still wanna spazz...and I'll check back when I'm a bit better to laugh at my sick-side, writing the blog. Sorry Sorry album had released today! And I couldn't wait for the MV to come out. But the most important one is the comeback stage at KBS Music Bank tomorrow. I'll prepare tissues to wipe this tears of happiness. And maybe some cotton balls inside my mouth so I couldn't scream, it will cause a very unpleasant pain! It's just heard the annoying scratch on the chalk board *nggeee!!*
Here is the list of the song and you could get to preview all of the song…


Heenim is dancing to you in pajamas saying Sorry Sorry to the antis and ignorants Heenim: YAH! Why dragged me to your problem?? And that is an OLD PIC!!  Norfy: Huh? Uh? Ahahaha~~ ottokae? I just posted!! LOL

After the post I did regarding SJ's Sorry Sorry, I got a lot of feedbacks through email. Majority of them are consoling me and some shared their anger with me too. Some just explain their POV of how they meant by saying Sorry Sorry sounds like the other song. I am so glad no antis are responding because I swear to myself, I would never reply any antis bashing. Unless it's a clever one. Yeah, I might reply.
Thank you for your concern you guys, I really appreciate your feedbacks. It looks like Sorry Sorry had gained so much attention and I wish that all of us would sit back, view the full length of what SJ would offer us on their MV and live-stage.
Super Junior's comeback stage is nearer and 12th is the day when SJ wouled release their album in stores! I am so glad despite o…