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Are you a criminal??? Let's take a look!!

Hi y'all,

Just in case you guys didn’t know, let me tell you something about my lacking in virtual knowledge. I start to had my own email when I hit 14, that is also the year I spend my days as Michael Jackson’s fangirl. On those days, virtual fandom had no such things as rules and not to mention that though MJ’s sites are really active, but still, the ratio of people spazzing are not as compatible with the spazzes that I see in my new fandom recently. So what are spams? Flames? Hotlinking? One-liner? Bandwidth? I really couldn’t recall anything similar to that back than.

When I get myself bited on Hallyu wave, I was surprised on a bunch of new terms I had never heard of before!! Generally, the amount of different fansites and forums amazed me. And I’m embarrassed to ask. Hahaha! That is really sick. So I just tag along and learn slowly. Until I become a mod myself, I do understand what the hell I need to avoid. But still, I’m just a noob. And my biggest fault is not to ask!! LMAO!!

Recently, I went through to lots of ‘stealing’ complaint in the fansites that I routinely went to. As much as I’m annoyed on the crime they made, I was wondering myself also. Are they really, a noob just like me who had no idea how to obey rules? So I decides to share some knowledge on this. Just a few of things that I know, I’m still a noob though. Just for a better peace and harmony among fans. And I’m sort of afraid that they might close down because of these reasons.

First: Hotlinking. What the heck is that?

This term usually applied when you had images issues. Like, if you click on this Sungmin’s picture (forgive the biasness), a window will pops out. If you’re taking out the link on the new window and paste it anywhere in the internet for your own use, CRIME. Because, apparently, you’re stealing my property and the fact is that, I am the one who upload it from my own collections. Simply copy + paste others upload links are basically UNETHICAL. So, the best way is to right click the image and saves it on your own hard disk. If you wanna show it to the world, simply upload it on photobucket or imageshack and use your own links. Easy as that.

Second: Crediting. I don’t have to pay right?
Confession, I used to think that crediting is taking out and you pay for it in real money!!! See how stupid and nooby I am?? LOL!! Okay, peeps. Crediting is, you write down the whole sites that are responsible to give you away the information that you get. Like, I got that Sungmin's pic from supersungmin.  So, I had to add up the credits for it like this: credits: lovingmin + onlysungmin + Sometimes, the images are watermarked with the sites name who shared the pictures, so we used ‘as tagged’ for credits. Credits are carved in any posts so people would know from where you taken it. Don’t simply make people think you’re cool because they thought, that stuffies are your own when it’s actually not. CRIME. Stealing~~

THIRD: Spamming.
I think most people knew that spam is posting something irrelevant from your needs or a total waste-value post. Usually, forums had this spam rules, to avoid irrelevant stuffs posted by members. Like, 10 words below in one post is considered spam. People, why are you joining the forum anyway? Forums are the place to share thoughts and opinions, to communicate. So, wasn’t that somewhat rude if you just post one line of mere “Thanks for sharing”? It’s like…a neighbour, who observes the people around and flies home when they got enough, the one who refused to get along with other people in community. Come on! Fandom is about socializing, sharing, spazzing, get your thoughts on, give your opinion, debate, or maybe make friends.

These rules had no official statement to follow on. Nobody had made up one force to make people abide with it. It’s up to people really. But if you want to get good stuffs, you should be ethical and respect it. Nobody knows who you are and what are you doing in the virtual world, that I know. But it would be much courteous and CIVIL if you follow them. Remember that ‘sharing is caring’. If the fansites are care enough to share, remember that YOU have to care for them so they would happily share. In the end, everybody is happy ^^

I think these three are the top complained crime I see around recently. If you had any additional of these facts, come and share with us in the chat box. I’ll post any additional in my bloggie so people would know. 


p/s: Since I am such a dumb noob, I used to get few warnings back than!! I was wondering to hell what did I do to deserve red cards from the admins. LMAO!

**pic credits to lovingmin + onlysungmin + (wow, Min is well loved!! lol)


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