Thursday, March 12, 2009

Down with fever but still wanna spazz~

Min: I know what you're thinking, you better stop!
Norfy: What?? *drools all over keyboard*

I do know that growing your last tooth is a big pain, becoz I experienced it the last six months on the left jaw.

Now, I don't expect the last tooth at the right one is growing just after 6 months of the painful process. The effect is so great! I couldn't think straight for almost entire day.

But I still wanna spazz...and I'll check back when I'm a bit better to laugh at my sick-side, writing the blog. Sorry Sorry album had released today! And I couldn't wait for the MV to come out. But the most important one is the comeback stage at KBS Music Bank tomorrow. I'll prepare tissues to wipe this tears of happiness. And maybe some cotton balls inside my mouth so I couldn't scream, it will cause a very unpleasant pain! It's just heard the annoying scratch on the chalk board *nggeee!!*

Here is the list of the song and you could get to preview all of the song.
Click On Me.

I laid my eyes on MONSTER eversince the list of tracks are out. So, the song is growing on me eventhough I haven't heard of it before. Than, when I get a piece of it, I was sooooo dread satisfied. The song did not dissapoint me. And I think What If and Why I Like You are going to be my favorite. But well, time wil tell. And I didn't get my share of full songs yet. So~

More pictures of the boys are UP! I couldn't afford to post it here but you may review it at gorgeous 18

I need my sleep......I've been stealing some time to doze at office and it's time to get a proper sleep....

3rd Jib DAEBAK!

Sayanghaeyo, maaf maaf

p/s: Personally congratulates Jojo for her achievement in SPM! Straight As are not impossible honey~~ Congratulations again ^^

*that pic was taken either in or sapphirepearls...

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