Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Epik High new MV; Map The Soul (bonus cute Mithra and HongKi)

credits: Map The Soul@You Tube (Epik High's own account)


Yeah, I know I know. 

It's not Super Junior, I know. Can't I just spazz about this wonderful team? I'm a newfound fan when I heard Epik High's latest song; Map The Soul. Seriously, they don't kid people when they said forget others and take only their stuff, this is a pure genius!! Thumbs up!! From a hip-hop follower like me! XD

Talking about hip-hop.

I'm still looking for Joe Flizzow's President here and there =___=; anybody knows where I can get his piece of thing? I want to buy his CD first before I go for Epik High's Book+CD. It's bilingual (Korean+English) and damn....I just want it!!!

And you can get a piece of Map The Soul here 

And the main purpose for this entry is...to neutralized my brain because I've been posting about Super Junior FOR EACH OF MY ENTRY!! Which is not okay. I am an easily bored person.  Before I get bored spazzing about them, let me spazz about other things so I would get that excitement back to spazz about Super Junior.

Sounds fair? ^^

And here is some Epik High's epic

credits to Map The Soul@YT

And for those Hongki lovers or Primadonnas out there!! Catch your cutie bear here!

So, I have to catch some sleep, because my eyebags are scaring people away now. Not to mention I need to see my college mates and do presentation of my industrial training back in Terengganu for this April!! OH GOD!! MUET is coming near also!!

I wish these short time could make a few things different T^T

Thanks for spending your time here!


p/s: April is approaching, and I think a new skin is just nice to start a new month ^^

Notes to my SMAP gang: AHHH!! We're ahjumma already!! LOL!!

Notes to P-sshi: I. Can't. Maybe not now..... so please just wait and don't ask everytime you got a chance~ I felt like an annoying boyfriend if I ignored that... =.=;

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