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Heenim and why we CAN'T hate him

Heenim: It's about time for you to spazz about me, ha!
Norfy: Geeze... I don't know if I'm actually a fan or an anti to you! 

Late spazzing tonight (again), I was bored doing these datas so here I am to spazz.

You see, Super Junior is one group with massive count of members, 13+2. But that is before I get to know EXILE and AKB48, that is another story. When you got too many members in group, you've got to really fight for the attentions, especially when all the members are talented and notice-ably good looking. It would be so hard to get to the front!

Yet, no matter how, there is always ONE member who can outshine others, eventhough he didn't want to.  He caught attentions, in every ways possible, whether we like it or not. Nobody can't resist a little glance on this one dude in Super Junior and you will feel the emptiness when he is not around. Yes, I bet you know whom I'm talking about.

It's our Cinderella Kim Hee Chul.

Pretty Heenim

Me and P-sshi was discussing over about how diversified Heenim is. I mean, we couldn't possibly figure out what kind of person he is actually. And we couldn't read what he is going to do next, because he is full of surprise and he don't really care what the others would see him of. I mean, look. Friends that one had are presenting his or her personality. But this couldn't be applied on Heenim! He befriends (and close) with so many various-personality people!

Like in Super Junior, he is very close to Hangeng (a foreigner, mature), Kibum (cool, silent), Kangin (bully, natu
ral-lead) and Siwon (religious, suave). I don't see any of his personality in those personalities though. Dunno bout you. Than, we move on to other celebs like Mithra Jin (hip-hop dude, cool), Yunho (charismatic, manly), and newly found friend (I assumed! lol!) Hong Ki of FTI (hyper kid, self-conscious). Seriously.....I can't read his personality like this...

Okies, people told me we would know what kind of a man, a guy is, by looking at his type of girl. 

This isn't helping either. He is a fanboy of Wondergirls' Sohee (cool, shy). He had a crush (and maybe dated) Ivy (sexy, a noona) and he used to say his kind of girl would be like Sohn Ye Jin (elegant? I dunno her much ^^;). Ohmy... I can't spot a thing!!

Wild Heenim

Than, we move on how eccentric he is. There are bunch of examples you can take from variety shows, Super Junior's own productions like Super Junior Show, Full House and EHB. Kim Hee Chul is always capturing everybody's attention, naturally. First, he is such a pretty lad, I'm even embarrassed myself as a woman when I look at him!! Than, though he loves to act somewhat girly (I always thought that he was trying to do seductive but turns out girly? lol), he is very much A NATURAL NAMJA himself. That is one reason why, I never thought of Heenim as a HOMO.  Him kissing another guy, is not a worry to me. Because, he is one kid like I've seen back in my school days, loud, trying to get attentions, get into a bare-hands fight, woo girls as if they're hot enought to get all the girls that he wants, and yeah, would go all out 
when it comes to man to man friendship. That kind of a boy. Thus, I do think he is just straight.

The other side of Heenim

He is just full of surprise aren't him? He did radio, acting in dramas, doing random singngs, dancing to Rainism, kissing another guy, imitates (succesfully!) other artists openly, speaks coherently about himself, being silent as much as he wants at one time, dressed as a girl, doing rock-star looks, joined Good Daddy, suddenly appears as Band of Brothers member, change his hair whenever he wants, he looks like he is a stupid-tart but he is a major student of English literature,  he looks soft but his anger made the other guys scared of him, him growing beards....ah... and his cyworld entry, though he loves posting in his minihompy, sometimes, it's just incomprehendable. What he was thinking, 
and what did he want. Today he might post about his bad luck in lovelife, tomorrow, he talks about Heebum like nothing happened and suddenly he talks about the other sunbae of him. What kind of readings could I do to figure him out??

To describe Kim Hee Chul, maybe two words might be enough. INCREDIBLY UNIQUE.  I can't find another person who resembles his charateristics (though I think Gackt is a bit similar to him). 

You just can't hate Kim Hee Chul, no matter what reason it is. People said they hate him because of his bad attitude (the biggest and latest is kissing boys issue) and he looks just too gay (go blame GOD if you dare). Some says he got to stop praising himself publicly, and that is what making them hate him. But seriously, you might hate him, but you just can't ignore him. You'll suddenly lured to look at him and when you know it; you're already smiling, reading about him or maybe watching him. All the reasons to hate him suddenly becomes his charms. Than, you actually realised, Hee Chul is just irresistable. He is just like a cup of coffee, bitter but really addicting. 

My conclusion: Heenim is everybody's man. Be it for hate, for love, for gossips, for self-motivating etc, he is just the man you can put in the list.

I think that is all? And for more spazzing of Heenim, come and watch this interesting baits I got for you all PETALS. Hee hee hee hee~

credits to heecherry (prepare enough tissues for nose, drools and tears)


P/s: To think that Super Junior would attend Star King without him, Shindong and Kibum, I goes TT______TT because Heenim is such a mood maker.....
.....and Jojo~ why is it so hard to get to you now? Miss you so much =3=

**the first pic are taken from and the other piccies are taken from various sites that I don't remember~ lolz


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