Saturday, March 7, 2009

I felt like a young gentleman tonight~


Maybe because of SJ's pic tease, watching BOF and guyXguy in Every One Idol Show.

Suddenly I felt like I want to be a young gentleman, buying the ladies some drinks and dance with you ladies out there*wink* I will be your perfect boyfriend tonight, melting all the hearts of all fangirls that I knew. 

This feeling comes once in a bluemoon I swear. Kekekeke~~

Who had fallen for me?
Janet (we dance Bolero)
Yuka (we're in castle)
Chris (she kissed me, LOL!)
Lizzie (more to oppa-dongsaeng)
Miss Kyoko (she calls me oppa a lots!! :3)
Yuki (she calls me oppa too :P)

Who had REJECTED me?
Wenyen (she just rejected me!! LOL)

Who had DUMPED me?
Janet (because I stepped on her foot while dancing)
Chris (because I flirted with other girls)
Yuka (because I danced to teletubbies)

Dun get me wrong, chicas out there. I'm straight as the straightest horizon in this world. All of above happens in the chatbox only. kekekee~~ the shoutbox died because of the HOTNESS of Mr.Healerzz paying a visit there~~ LMAO

At the curse died and I'm back as a girl. So, the girls are all spared. kekekeke~~

Felt so androgyny at that time~ ah~ Think that is all. 


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