Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have to clear something...

Okay, this is not spazzing. But people are asking me about being a pro-ELF. Where did you get my e-mail addie anyway??? I wonder?? Ahh...I forgot that I took orders for the 3rd jib... =.=;

Pro-ELF at the Majestic Miss Healerzz side bar doesn't means that I know SJ so well. Nor did I'm trying to say I can answer 1001 of trivias and questions about them. Pro-ELF that I put there means, I'm an avid fan of SJ. I mean, I may be Dears (Gackt's fans), Cassiopeia, VIP, SHINee World and all, but above all the fandom that I joined, I put myself as ELF first. Wasn't that quite obvious? LOL

So please stop asking me about SJ's trivias and the post that I made before. Those are all plain spazzing. It's not something that you can take out, it's just my point of view and the thing is that, I love to make fun of SJ as much as I love them. 

So I think it's kinda clear now? Ok, peeps. I'm back to my hiatus


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