Friday, March 27, 2009

I keep on falling~

P-sshi: Why don't you blog about Hae for once? <----She is Hae-bias
Norfy: ......................

I am a Sungmin-bias. Yes I am~ I knew that since SJ-H debuted (I recalled me, craving for more him at that time, after watching his famous chocolate pudding incident in EHB).

The SuPy's pic of him that I totally like, dunno why?

I have always curious about him. I want to know more of him. I want to see what more he can offers us fans. I mean, who is he actually? I really wanna know more. Thus, I loved him. I've had helplessly in love with him. In that crowd of 13 hwangja, only one guy stands out eventhough he is like....'imitating' the wall =.=;

But this......

 thanks to fruity fruit1@YT

.....had made me fell in love to him, all over again.....

My short spazz ends here.


p/s: pssstt.... I would be the Medal Acceptance Ceremony's MC for today~ I hope I will do fine!! ^^ *Takes Lee Teuk and Heenim as example in head*

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