Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm officially a NickHo supporter!!! XD

Nick: Do you have a girlfriend?
Minho: Nick-hyung is the person
NickHo Love Should Go On (not in gay terms of course!!!)


I know, I know~

All of you are crazy already. The teaser is out, and all of you suddenly wants to marry the boys, the 13 Kkotboda SuJu~ kekeke~

Ok. Let me calm your craziness a bit. What do you say? 

Pleaides told me about Choi Minho of SHINee and Nick Khun exchanging winks and do stuff only lovers do. As I'm a very loyal follower of fanfics *ahem!* so this kind of things kinda sounds sweet to me~ P-sshi is not fond of this thingy anyway~ she bashes Heechul of kissing guys though she is a Petals.  Okay down back with business. 

He he he~ Nick Khun is the only one (aside from eye-catching Mr. Chansung) I had my interest on in 2PM.  Sooooo.....the entire NickHo pairing was like...AHHH!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! I love the part where Minho is rapping and suddenly comes to Nick, rubbing his cheeks swiftly, the expression of Nick was PRICELESS!! XD 

My Onew was torn between two members, Taemin was definitely dancing and popular amongst the 2PM dudes because of the aegyeo. Jonghyun of course, showing off his singing ability and Key....ohmona!! You just have to watch the pitiful Key!! XD

Over all, I got to say, the sparks between Nick Khun and Choi Minho just HAVE TO GO ON!! They're like the best and sweetest guyXguy couple in Every One Idol Show~ I bet both of them must been very good hyung and dongsaeng by now ^^

Come and watch it!! No subs, but the gestures are just sweet and comprehendable!! This is my fav part, at 5:40 t0 5:55. DAMN CUTE!! XD:-

And for ending. A pic of Chansung, the newfound crush in 2PM



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