Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Heenim is dancing to you in pajamas saying Sorry Sorry to the antis and ignorants
Heenim: YAH! Why dragged me to your problem?? And that is an OLD PIC!! 
Norfy: Huh? Uh? Ahahaha~~ ottokae? I just posted!! LOL

After the post I did regarding SJ's Sorry Sorry, I got a lot of feedbacks through email. Majority of them are consoling me and some shared their anger with me too. Some just explain their POV of how they meant by saying Sorry Sorry sounds like the other song. I am so glad no antis are responding because I swear to myself, I would never reply any antis bashing. Unless it's a clever one. Yeah, I might reply.

Thank you for your concern you guys, I really appreciate your feedbacks. It looks like Sorry Sorry had gained so much attention and I wish that all of us would sit back, view the full length of what SJ would offer us on their MV and live-stage.

Super Junior's comeback stage is nearer and 12th is the day when SJ wouled release their album in stores! I am so glad despite of the comments, the pre-order had made up to 160K!!! I hope the album sales are going to hit 200K :3

Much more, the long awaited of SJ's news are finally there in K-Popped today! Check their blog at my HotSpotzz section.

Enough about that

DBSK released their PV of Kiss The Baby Sky yesterday. I haven't watch it yet since I'm too busy with SJ.But I know it must've been freaking awesome since Dee unni was so mesmerized about it. 


Ohmygee, for God's sake Norfy. If you don't have the heart don't even bother to blog about it!! You will just spoil the feel of excitement for all the fangirls out there......aihh, jinja!! 


Than I'll just spam some pictures of DBSK since I just couldn't find my mood to spazz about them. Click to preview larger pic ok? Don't be so lazy...

The white version of Tohoshinki~ kinda looks like Mac Adv to me~ hee
Me and Dee unni were spazzing about....urmm...Junsu's....ermm...heeheehee~ but both of us LOVES Junsu in white pants. Kekekee~

Black Survivors, when I watch the PV, I thought that they're attacking each other!! LOL

Toho-boys love the piano, they even looks good with it


A public apology to Eunhyuk-sshi. You know oppa, I never think of you as 'handsome', 'hot' that kind of thing. But seriously, when I see you in the Sorry Sorry teaser........... 
Dang it.
You look HAWT as hell!! My jaw dropped!
So, yeah. I think, I might just walk by you and said:
"Hey, hottie. Wacca doin'?"

Enough babbling. I know you guys are bored already. Virtual_el, don't kill me. Sungmin is still my first priority. P-sshi, don't laugh. I know you told me he is hot too.


*Tohoshinki's pic credits to DNBN + DBSK Knights + Gorgeous 18
**Eunhyuk's pic...I don't well as Heenim's pic......

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