Friday, March 20, 2009

Late Spazz, Short Hiatus

Norfy: I don't know why on earth did I like you. I mean, you look fake, you're too thin, your laughing sounds are scaring me sometimes, you're too old for an idol blah blah blah
Jung Soo: TT_____TT than go found someone else to like, you're too scary for a fan
Norfy: But I like you, oppa!! ^///^
Yesung: *Thank God, now I'm spared from her*

Ah~ life is just like a wheel.

Once, I felt like I have all the time I want for myself. Now, it was really hard to get a single hour to spazz~ If only I wouldn't be so in need of money and not that eager to help..... ah, I was so hurted but I just have to continue anyway, I know what I'm doing

So, here I am, nearly 4 a.m. of friday, wanna spazz a bit just to end this misery of looking at the old posts. ISH! Not fresh at all!! So I decides to spazz.

What is there to spazz anyway? Uhmm...... I'm not that thrilled to go "OHMIGOSH! Kangin and Taeyeon are dating!" or "OHMIGOSH AGAIN! Jessica is dating Jaejoong fosho!!" I mean...those lines are like....old. I won't comment anything on such rumored relationship like that. Not interested at all. It's not like I don't like them together (I would voice up like nuts here if I am) or I'm like wishing and praying their relationships are for real. I'm just....tired of the news which came in repeat but have no confirmation over this. And the stars involved wouldn't even mind to think of it anyway....hish.

Super Junior is topping charts offline and online, I'm not good at spazzing about this thing as well. I just wowed when I heard that in one day, the albums sold are 40,000!! I mean....what the....THATI IS JUST ONE DAY!!! Let's see if the albums are making sales constantly like that for everyday, a week would total up to.....wait, I'm not good in math. Let's count together. 40,000x7=280,000 BABY!!!! XD XD Okay, but that is like....if the sales goes on constantly a day 40,000 units. That is just my rough calculation of the expected sales. DON'T TAKE OUT!! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!

Oh, I already spazzed about the album. Hahahahaha~ okay, now let's spazz about 8Eight MV which was edited by fans to insert SoHeeChul love in it. Hahahah! Seriously, I got to applause for it. It seems real, as if Sohee is doing her suicide because of Heenim. P-sshi and Yun said, maybe the video was made by Heenim himself.  I was LOLing so hard in my office because of the text-message!! Well, might be, might be. Because...yeah, we all know that Heenim is a fanboy of her for a long time. Hahahaha~
credits to daydreamer198 I need a really good laugh.......... I can't even get the mood in spazzing anymore....maybe I should check back to my bed and sleep away this dull heart before I annoy anyone at the end. Anyway, you guys knew my top five list is including Yesung*? Well, actually, I loved Jung Soo more than him, so...eventually, I let him go and put him at number 6.  Of course Yesung is awesome, he captivated me with his voice, and got me all envy when he said he wants to date Park Bo Young. But, I realized that Jung Soo had grown in me since the first time I saw him. I even spazzed about him in my early ELFing before I spazzed about any SJ members here. I had been denying my love to him because......he is too dorky.....hahahah!! But out of all, SUNGMIN IS STILL MAH NUMBAH ONE-AH! <=sounds so retarded

I'll be in my short-hiatus, this weekend. But I will be back in Monday to spazz MORE!! 

Sayanghaeyo (though you might not 'sarang' me)

p/s: I am now an omma to Jojo since she is married to Wookie, and I want Wookie as my son. OhMiGawd~ hahaha! I'll try to be a good omma than~ And Naq is my dongsaeng in MY-SMTown. So funny la, than Naq is an uncle to Jojo!! XD

*My top five list (or bias) in SJ
1. Lee Sungmin
2. Kim Heechul
3. Kim Ryeowook
4. Henry Lau
5. Kim Joong Woon (Yesung) which now is replaced with Park Jung Soo

**Pic credits as tagged and sarangsj.wordpress

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