Monday, March 2, 2009

Ma SMAP Gang

Jenn Sone, Hoshie Cassiopeia and Norfy ELF. Ah, a little bit of Primadonna sneaks in since she loves HongKi....

I'm working late, and I felt sleepy. So I decided to post about my smap gang.

Smap gang is actually originated while three crazy girls are doomed bored in MY-SMTown's Shoutbox. All start to spam at each other's blog. The girls consisted of Jenn, Hoshie n Norfy. 

Why SMAP???

Because, Jenn did her typo in the forum's shoutbox, smap instead of spam.  And suddenly smap gang is born. Kekekkekeke~~ than Alexa become one of us as well.

The uniqueness of SMAP GANG

Because SMAP GANG consisted of three girls with different interests n age. Jenn is originally Sone, Hoshie is firm Cassiopeia while Norfy is true blue ELF. 

Objectives of SMAP GANG

Nothing. Just spam...I mean, SMAP each other's shoutbox!!! XD

Pay visit to my lovely SMAP GANG at my MY-SMTOWNERZZ section :)

Okay, I'm recharged. 
Norfy is back to work

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