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Of Sungmin, Heenim and Wookie (my top 3 bias)

Heenim: Did you just rejected me for a date???
Donghae: *gasp*
Wookie: Huh? Me?
Norfy: Yes. Wookie, get in the car, NOW.
Kangin, Hangeng: ....................

Okay, flood of tears came in my mailbox because of the open letter about Kibum. Even fishama unni texted me to say how saddening the post is!! Whoa, don't cry girls (or boys, as I just knew that SJ got fanboys as well :P)!! It's just..... something I wrote for him, so he would know that people still wants him as Kim Kibum of Super Junior.   Cheer up! :)

In order to repay the tears that I just caused, okay, I'll try to be funny for you guys. It's regarding SJ's comeback in the three performances, Mubank, Mucore and InGa (these shortforms made me laugh heartily!! Told you I'm a noob!). Let the spazz begins!

Seriously people, we all know they supposed to have that charismatic values in order to get those squeals from fans (they don't have to, I squealed even to see Sungmin scratch his chin). And from my humble, POV, from all of the Comeback Stages they had, everybody did a good job ^^ 
It's getting better from one to another. And I can't help but to think how sweet that the boys gave away candies to ELF for the White Day~ though it's nothing fancy, it's a sincere one. Maybe they just get this idea at the very last minute thus it has to held like.....anywhere that can fit all the fans there. Hohohoho~

But Norfy is not always satisfied! She haven't complain anything yet!! BWAHAHAHA! 

As you all know, I am a Sungmin bias. Ahahaha~ in Sorry Sorry MV, he did looks like another person. I mean, WHOA!! What's up with that eyes??? What's up with that face?? Total droolings! XD 
Hmm...and maybe because of the namja-ness they tried to pull in this song, Sungmin appeared like...a bit like trying too hard? Hahaha~ I mean, he is much more NAMJA in Don't Don than this one. His attempt to be smexy turns out a failure to me....but.....that is fierce. Serious fierce he got there. He is not even smiling in Why I Like You, and I fell in love once again. Ah~ I see another side of him...... but what can I say, he really did put his all for this comeback. I'm very proud though it turns out to be so wrong when he tried. LOL

Did everybody realised on how K.R.Y + Sungmin dominated Sorry Sorry in terms of vocal? Yes they are, and I do think Sungmin and Wookie owned the stage lots of time. Meanings, more Sungmin going to the front!! XD

I don't realise that Wookie is smiling all the time while they're performing, P-sshi told me he was all smile ^__^ singing and entertaining the crowds. I get it when they said "TOO MUCH MEMBERS!!" Maybe they're referring to how-am-I-going-to-observe-every-each-of-the-boys situation. Apparently, I was sucked in that situation too!! Hahahha~ anyway. Yeah, our Wookie, all smile, with that short-hair, that suit. AHH!! I WANT HIM TO BE MY SON!! XD

Two boys, that caught my eyes totally during the CB, well.......they tried to do fierce! Fierce! Gggrrr!!! Look at us, we want you ladies out there. See how sexy and manly we are! We are Ryeowook and Sungmin and we are fierce, fierce, fierce!


Ah~ these boys. Yes, they are fierce....

BUT THEY ARE FIERCE KITTENS!!!! AHHH!!! I CAN'T HELP BUT TO THINK OF THEM AS CUTE-MAD-KITTENS!!!  What to do?? Two very cute members, singing and trying to look as fierce as they could, but it turns to be cutesie to me~ MIOW!! WE ARE FIERCE! *nyyaaa!* I want to take you in my bag and brings you back home!!

Ohmona~~ Wookie and Min, you guys made me ^_______^ instead of (*0*)

Speaking of fierce. I would always be reminded of the REAL fierce of Super Junior. 

None other than Cinderella Kim Hee Chul. 

Three performances, and three different hair-styles. He turns up in InGa looking pale and somewhat....not in the mood or sick? Aahh....but he made me feels like giving him a hug plus a smack on his back. He looks like he needs one during the interview in InGa. It was said before, he couldn't do the dance because of his legs, I hope he'll recover fast. I think he must've been dying to do the dance moves! Me myself is dying to see him doing Sorry Sorry too~ Kim Hee Chul never fails to be in my top list. He just knew how to refresh attentions and that is why we love him. Ain't it? Besides the fact that he is just too hot to resist 

Heenim with beggar-like style @Mubank
Heenim@MuCore\( ^///^)/ ah~ Heenim cuts his hair~
Heenim@InGa O__o Star Trek looks??

Ah~ I think I just spazzed the whole post! I don't even attempt to be funny!!! TT___TT Oh, peeps. I think I'll try to be funny in my next post. The unbiased POV of mine to the rest of the boys who I don't state in this post. 

Ciao! Don't forget to buy the original copy of their album!!! Donghae says, do not download illegally~~ ahahaha~


p/s: I bought their albums, so I'm not feeling guilty at all downloading the whole album. Hee~ no offense!! Maybe you guys are waiting for the repackage version, maybe with DVD~ who noes right? :3

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