Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An open letter to 김기범

Our Own Killer Smile, Kim Ki Bum of SUPER JUNIOR

Dear 김기범 oppa,

Hi, how have you been doing? I hope you're doing fine and in the pink of health. I have watch the Comeback stage of Super Junior at Music Bank, it was great. I really enjoyed it ^^
The MV released too, gosh. How can I express it? It was awesome! Everyone looks so gorgeous there. All of you had worked really hard. Thank you for being Super Junior ^^

Yet, oppa. I see that you've been missing in the MV and the CB stage. Ah~ I was pretty mad actually. Well, it's more like....I am worried about you. You know, the rumors are here and there. Plus, oppa had no Cyworld for us (ELF) to keep track on what you've been doing. Everybody was talking about you. And the rumors are everywhere.....we can't help but to believe on some of the lies. It's not that we don't believe in you. It's more like.... we are too much of aware about you.

Oppa, it's not only me. I bet everybody, especially your die-hard fans are being like this. The fans who had been waiting for this comeback to see more of you, they even cried being so upset that you're not there when everyone is there. I know this sounds so selfish, but that is how some of us felt. Oppa, 'some' means a huge number out of a very enormous number of ELF. 

Until we heard Sukira where you had a phone call conversation with the rest of the members, only than all of us had a blow of relief. Oppa, not every fans knew Korean, and I must thank to some fans who are willing to give away rough translations on your phone call in Sukira. We are so glad to hear that you are all good. Ah~ it seems that your mom is sick? So sorry for her. I would like to personally wish your mother a get well soon. You're such a good son to be keeping her a company. She must've been proud of you :)

It was great listening to your voice again. It's great to know you're still with Super Junior eventhough the rumors are wildly scattered all over about you. You don't know, how many fans had cried upon listening to you screaming 'Super Junior' at the end of the phone call. It means a lot. It does means a lot. 

Keep doing what you like oppa.... but I wish to see you as Super Junior's 김기범 The Killer Smile. Super Junior, is no Super Junior without our own 김기범. Thus oppa, eventhough the rumors kept on spreading. We would never believe it again, not until you said it by yourself.

But please don't keep us worried like this again! I hope oppa could say something because....ELF always love you. Please tell us that you still loves us too......

김기범, fighting!!!


p/s: Oh yeah, I love your new looks! And the new concept reminds me a lot to you, seems like it's tailored according to your personality. That is why I've been waiting to see you in the promo mode ^^

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