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Sorry Sorry, I posted late kekekek~

I seriously love Shindong's Sorry Sorry image best after Hyukjae ^__^


Well peeps, it seems that I am really busy but since I promised to spazz (and I couldn't help but to do it!!) so here we go!! Spazz paradise baybehh!!

*Together, forever, you're still in my heart~

Let's start with Mubank.  Everybody knows what our oppa did at the back stage right? I love their dedications to Kibum through TV. It's very sweet and makes the fans know Kibum had never been left out :) 

OUCH! Apparently, Mubank is really good in believing theirselves.....believe that the lightings that set ablaze on most of people's eyes are cool to be used AGAIN. Yet, I've got to compliment Sungmin for his improvement of doing FIERCE. Remember that I called him angry kittens before (applied this to Wookie as!!)? Well, my jaw dropped because he could finally awed me with the real fierce aura during this performance. But hell, I'm away so I missed the chance to watch live so I went to sarangsj and read that SJ is not at their best performing. I quickly dl-ed it and yeah. I agree, there is some part Hae panting and they all looks too tired in one glance. Hope the get plenty of rest before performing. It sucks to move here and there when you're exhausted mentally and physically. I don't want to read any news regarding SJ members fainted of fatigue or something like that. *gosh, cancel, cancel, cancel that*

Monkey with cropped jacket, guy-liner and sleek smooth hair~ lurve it!

Mucore. They skipped the BLACK and went to WHITE baby!!! XD XD But I got to say, guys who are trying to do CHARISMA are just making me laugh if they're having bow tie on. I don't know why...hahahaha~ maybe I'm getting used on seeing cute image with bow-ties on.  Some told me, it really brings back the memories of Marry U, seeing them in white. seems that Heenim sticks to the 'Star-Trek' hair! Damn...I wish he would chose the last Mucore's hair. That one is pretty hot on him....  I just realized that Hyukjae is not wearing a proper trousers. I meant, he got knee-length one with....what? Leggings? Pantyhose? To cover up the rest of his legs. But I got to say, he looks DARN HOT with the cropped jacket :3 Don't make me mention that silver-glove he got there. I really love that single glove~ adds some kind of mysterious feelings to him. His Sorry Sorry image are just INDIVIDUAL+PERFECT!

InGa. As I expected. This is the best performance of whole week worth waiting. The stage is nice, the costumes are just right but the camera man went drunk when it comes to Yesung solo part. Why the heck it has to spin anyway?? I don't see any purpose doing so. Lee Teuk....his jacket cropped too much at his looks like some fangirls had ripped it when he was trying to run away from him. LOL!!  And.. and..Hyukjae, I thought he wore knee length boots! Than only I realized it's....a knee-length pants. Talking about him, I think he change some routines in his solo part which I'm not complaining. I love it!! And Kyu. Did you realize, when SJ performs Sorry Sorry since their first Come Back stage in Mubank, Kyu's last bit before Heenim's 'Ha, ha ha,"? Kyuhyun sang it differently from the original one. really shows how Kyu's ability of singing are just...natural and effortless. I prefer the 'edited' one though~ it suits the ending. 

As you can see, I'm not really in the mood nowadays. But I tried to spazz. Because I really need to empty my head of all these spazzings. Or else I would giggled by myself just to think of the spazzes I made in my own brain. 

I'll spazz seriously soon....right now, I delay my bed time just to spazz a bit. I need to go now to get myself straight for tomorrow or else, I'll end up sleeping while typing at the office. 


*a line from a song, not what SJ said
**piccies credits to baidu +
purple bits are either added or edited because I was sleeping when I left out this part!! LMAO!!


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