Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sorry Sorry; Male GEE? Womanizer? Lady Gaga? Lovestoned? Me says....

Super Junior: Ooohhh...do we sounds like other artist in Sorry Sorry?
Norfy: If you guys are buying what they say, I'm going to be your perfect ANTI!


Seriously people.

I am just sick with the comment on how it sounds like above stated.  I won't even waste the time to type the songs stated. 

First of all, straight up. Some songs in this world might resemble with each other. Like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep, now, that is suppose to be an issue!! I mean, if you're singing both of the song, they SOUNDS SO ALIKE!! OHMYGEE!! HOW??

"Twinkle, Twinkle sounds like Baa Baa"

"Ugh, don't you think Baa Baa got Twinkle, Twinkle intro?"

"Twinkle, Twinkle dissapoints me. The song is a big copy cat of Baa Baa,"

"Nothing new with Baa Baa, whoever sings the song must've been retarded,"

Now people.....

If one techno song sounds alike with another techno song, what was that mean?

If one RnB song sounds alike with another RnB song, what was that mean?

If one country song sounds alike with another country song, what was that supposed to mean?

Yes people. 


I just read Heenim's comment about it when I was drafting this post. I was surprised on how he was dissapointed, I mean, it must've been hard. Putting off all the energy and get this kind of feedback. Well, I can't shut and shun every mouth that kept talking about the stupidity up there. 

But hey! You can't shout my mouth either. Here, for the people who kept trying to look for the similarity of Sorry Sorry. In my humble opinion, I bet you guys might have been influenced on some other and it got infected to the others as well. So, I suggest you go to somewhere empty just you and your mp3 or I-pod etc, and listen to the Sorry Sorry without the pre-judgemental that you just got before.

Surely, you'll see how unique Super Junior's Sorry Sorry is. You see, I won't go this far to stand up like this if you judge the song like...oh, the techno beats turns me off or too digitalized or Teukie's voice are not supposed to be there. If it was a technical judge, I won't be so mad. 


At least I won't call you similarity-digger and pre-judgemental people. I stand for my words, and clarifies what it supposed to be logic. I mean, I'm not being like this to SJ only. I'm not a fan of U-Kiss but I love the 'I Like You' song despite of the fashion they wore (I'm not fond of it) and how people said it was similar to SHINee. I'm a huge supporter of SMTown but I won't go to 'U-Kiss is just a copycat of SHINee'. People, they sound different. Please don't do pre-judgemental. You're just a timid thinker if you did that, copying semi-judge from other people. Heh, who is copycat now? *cynical smile*

Call me bias. Call me ELFized. Call me stupid. BLEEHHHH!! I have given my example above, if you still want to call me as BIASED ELF, well, you should go on. Time by time, you will know what kind of a fangirl I am.

Hey, you're dealing with a fangirl who had been fangirling since she was only 5. So you might wanna think twice.

Sayanghaeyo (my love is still for you, I promote peace and free speech)

*pic credits to Soompi + gorgeous 18

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