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Star King: Super Junior's dugeun-dugeun meter?

Norfy: My special ability is to make you guys looks stupid in my blog!!!
Super Junior: HUH???!!!


This is only some cuts of SJ in Star King, theres another with Donghae doing his magic trick as well. 

Here, I can't say that I'm not jealous, I mean, I'm a fan, though I realized like since their comeback that I won't get any chance to date any of the boys, but I still feel the heat of jealousness when I see Min, wif rolled up sleeves, alluring expressions, perfect gestures and lines, he is oh-so-fine, with that girl, provoking the possibilities and all.... Okay, enough bout that.

So, Kang Ho Dong make his own cupid service here, with the magic-girl as the bachelorette, and the SJ boys as the contestants who would try to win her hearts.

Let the dugeun-dugeun meter BEGIN!!!

CREDITS To SoopieSan@YouTube


Donghae: This kid, I do think if he didn't succeed as an idol, he probably a guy who goes around breaking girls' heart. LOL!! He knew what and how to make mood don't he? Those flowers, and direct eye-stare....gosh.... thank god somebody stopped him! If I were that girl, I would fall straight for him.... 
My dugeun-dugeun meter: 4 out of 5

Jung Soo: He laugh right after it started!!! I do think it's kind of cute and ridiculous XD To think that he and Boom kept on saying things (envious? lol), so yeah, ridiculous. Oh, Jung Soo....why? When was the last time you're in romantic mood? Suddenly I felt sorry for him... (he is 26, and single???? gosh...) Lord, please give Jung Soo a nice girl so he could live properly..... 
My dugeun-dugeun meter: 1 out of 5

Yesung: His stare is handsome. I like his serious stare. But....but.... I don't know why I would not fall for this one stare? Maybe because his eyes are like saying: "Please choose me," LOL!!! And I don't buy a 'please' from a guy~ hahahahah~and I do think the girl felt that his stare is a bit too strong! XD Yesung-ah, you're making people nervous, thinking you might kill!
My dugeun-dugeun meter: 3 out of 5

Siwon: Oh.....Mr. Suave........ His stare is earnest..... But I wonder if he thinks that the girl's stare is much powerful? That is why he retreated?? LOL!! Siwon~ he knew how to keep the fangirls from crying, don't he? XD
My dugeun-dugeun meter: 4 out of 5 <-----and Siwon is my least favorite member, I think he is just too perfet, too hwangjae :P

Hangeng: I am so sorry he didn't get the chance to try out the dugeun-dugeun meter (which is purely made by me!! LOL!!) Ho Dong pulled a joke on him and he carries him after ward. Whoa~ I do think the moment Geng stepped back in Korea, he became 110% cuter than he originally is in China! This one, and Star Golden Bell, suddenly he is all cute and I have to get used to it since I'm used to his charismatic side in China~~ lOl
My dugeun-dugeun meter: 0 out of 5 (he don't get the chance....)

Kyuhyun: I don't uderstand why he kept his head down? And than being made fun of for the entire match-making session?? He is quite cute when he tried to hid himself at Wookie's back. I mean, I know that Wookie is a hyung to him, but....Wookie is just too mini to be his wall!! LOL! Ho Dong even make fun of Kyu when the girl is trying to decide who is the lucky guy.
My dugeun-dugeun meter: 3 out of 5 (Hm? Yeah, I like shy guys...hahaha)

I realized that Wookie and Hyukjae's part got cut? I wonder what they did..... I can't judge for the dugeun-dugeun meter!! T___T Anyway, in the end, the girl picked (fill in brackets with the correct answer). I thought so!! And what the heck should I use this dugeun-dugeun meter anyway?? I would definitely have SUNGMIN without any hesitation at all~


But according to the dugeun-dugeun results above, it seems that Donghae and Siwon is for the win. So, it's a tie. LOL!! Thank you for reading my craps. Let's wait for Inkigayo performance in sunday!!!


p/s: I turn off my lights for one hour, did you? ^___^

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