Monday, March 23, 2009

Uh~ I can't not post, can I?

Heenim, Siwon, Hangeng, Donghae and KIBUMMIE Marie Claire photoshoot and interview. Just because I know how all of us miss Kibum so much..... and you can download the interview (just in case you wanna stare at Kibum more) at
I'm a fan of Alex (sarangsj authoress) as she is  the best author of SJ's stuffies, always recent and updated ^^ Not to mention that 85% of the piccies that I got in my blog are taken from there. Plus, she is A SUNGMIN-CENTRIC AS WELL!! XD XD XD

I seriously am busy and tried so hard to avoid blogging or spazzing. 

Recently I got problem over something, it really shocks me as I'm kind of careful about it. But well, it seems that my chance to get through is kind of slim? Though I'm not doing it.....

I got serious mis-communication with my dad. And I couldn't stand my significant other. I think, men in my life are meant to hurt me...aishh...

So much trouble that I get this week. I realized I'm not taking a good care of myself too recently. When was the last time I pucker up my gloss and admire myself in my favorite mirror? Wah~ I couldn't remember......

But no matter what, I'm going to try on my luck tomorrow. I have to give this a shot or else, I would be regretting forever. Talking about youthful spirit. LOL

Gone to Johor--->Melaka--->Negeri Sembilan--->Melaka---->Johor  from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and I can still sit straight in front of my lappy like nothing happen, kind of amused my self. I think....I'm in serious rate of internet addict and I just couldn't help to post something.

I will try to spazz tomorrow. I am in need of ZILLION SPAZZINGS as a dose of SERIOUS FANGIRLING I had when I watch this week's Mubank, Mucore and InGa!!! Not to add some rumors and news which I seriously need to share my opinion with you all!!

I hope I can sit straight in the office tomorrow. LMAO!!!

And to people who ask, yeah. I'm not a 1993er. 1993 is the year when I start my days of fangirling ^^ not my birth year.

To the bloggers that I contacted, thanks for re-linking! I know it cause you guys such problem....So sorry sorry~~

I'll see you tomorrow ;)


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