Friday, March 13, 2009


SuJu: Sorry Sorry for ruining your girls performance.....T__T

SoShi: GEE! That's okay boys~ ^^

I'm a new ELF, I was discovered in June 2008, thus, my wait for SJ is around 9 months. But I just can't wait. I was impatient. I was excited. I had blood-rush and cold hands when I waited for the moment of them to perform their comeback stage. That is me. 9 months old ELF.

How about the ELFs who had been loyal to them since their debut time? The last time Don't Don released, it was like 1 year and 6 months. They must've been missing SJ like mad. More crazy than I am. I just can't imagine their feelings. 

Sorry Sorry had healed some pain of waiting when they just released. The teaser pictures did dry some tears of constantly going against what antis had said. One thing missing. One thing, oh. 

MV a.k.a Music Video.

It's not up. ELF have been waiting for their beloved 'husbands' for the MV.  And the live stage is almost here!! Where are you dear MV?

Pounding hearts. Cold hands. Adrenaline rush. Personally, I was like a girl who had been waiting for her boyfriend to propose. 

And finally...............

....They are back!

credits to lovecubic@YT

...........and only after that would the boyfriends gave us their gift after making us waiting for a long time.

credits to: rinko07@YT

Long waiting had paid off. And it was really heart-warming to see SMTown love is filling in the air~ I guess, the peace and love of music had unite the fans as well ^^


credits to Code Analysis@YT

Congratulations SNSD!! You girls did great!!! It seems like they're not expecting to win again! That surprise faces~~ Tiffany could not say further because she was choking~ awww....... and the 2nd performance of messy.

YAH!!! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS THERE SUPER JUNIOR??? It's SNSD's performance and they're like with thick-face comes to have fun on stage!! Majority of them had walk to back stage already but than, some of them like, oh! We can stay? And comes back to the stage. Heenim is doing the booty dance while Kangin.....what the.... he just pretend to be a girl there~ *___* aigooo yaa..... I felt sorry sorry for SNSD!!!

Parody of SoShi by SuJu~ aigooo yaa..... 

But it's nice! I love the atmosphere!! I felt like singing Haengbok right now!!! Felt soooo contented...... now, I'm off to have my med back.

GEE! Sayanghaeyo, Sorry Sorry

**pic credits to....seriously I can't remember, but it's either or sapphirepearls

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