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White Day + Come Back Stage + Me

Dissappearance of members day by day......
Can we make it happen again?

I don't know I should felt happy or not? But overall, I lead a happy day this saturday. Watch Music Core Live for the first time in my life, using TV Ants. That is like a whole new experience to me~ sounds soooo noob! Yes peeps, I am a noob. Hahahaha~

Super Junior had their CB at MBC and personally, I love the stage better because I could see the whole dancing happening there. In MuBank, it was lavishly bathe with lightings which blinds me all the time. I can't catch their legs dancing, let alone faces. Huh~ But I enjoy it, very much. I guess you guys enjoys it too? ^^

Uhm. It was nothing special. Just that, a fangirl like me who is certified addicted to internet by my own dad who is also a psychologist, had a life too. I realized I had lost contact with my college fellas a bit long of time. I got a call from my best guy friend, telling me that our juniors are going for the national stage. That stage, is our dreams together when we're in the original group. Now that everybody hits seniority, and had parted to every corner of Malaysia doing their own industrial training semester, the juniors are taking our place in order to keep the music of our college continues. 

I didn't know those juniors well, but King (my dude's nick ^^) said they're all very good and even better. They're using our name, to get to the stage. It's the same group, the same college, but different people. Ah, don't get me start with my all-girls band. It dissolves slowly with one by one members quitting with personal reasons. As much as I would want to keep the band alive, it shows me a negative answer each time I tried to be optimist. Maybe I just didn't work hard enough. And was it fated that all-girls band are always cursed in our community? I don't know...we're not SoShi or Wonder Girls anyway!! Hahahaha~

Oh, the dreams that we had together..... I shall call this a comeback stage for us. Though it's not exactly the original members who are performing. But, at least, every body contributed to make the current team prepare. Just that, I am not able to do so. I wish they won't forget me. I'll see them soon and thank them for pursuing our dreams of going national. 

Comeback stage. It rings an important thing to me. Friendship, team work, performing, conflicts, music, stress, fun, all wrapped into one. Ahh~ I can't manage to call them and said hi or tell them to do their best like a sunbae should do. I'm like.....embarrassed already, oh, I don't even know them!!! But Norfy can just storms in and greet everybody without feeling anything is wrong at all. So...ah.... maybe.... jealous? XD

Whatever it is, Saturday 14th March, I got a very great White Day gift from my hobaes. A perfect Comeback Stage of our classic band. Though I was hoping for SJ to give me one, honestly, the CB from my hobaes had touched my heart that I even write about them here. I don't know what happen. But I do hope they did well. I love my hobaes......Thanks for making it happen for us :) Noona loves you all!!

Uhm. I better stop now. I felt like writing a long essay of our band's history!!! So, yeah, hands down.


P/s: I told you that I hated you, but honestly, won't it be great if we're all back to normal and had fun just like we had never told such hurting words to each other before? I wish that when I see you guys again, we'll do our proper farewell performance together..... We might disband, but let us disband properly.......

I know, deep inside of you guys, are thinking just the same as I did. 


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