Wednesday, April 15, 2009


*Pic of Adam is not current

I don't know if it's a big news for you guys or not, but our Malaysian pop-singer, Adam (best known as Adam Akademi Fantasia) is really A SUPER JUNIOR'S FANBOY!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Here is the proof. Thank you so much to for sharing this info!!

What do you think? Okay, let's pardon him for his broken Korean and his weird singing mates as well. At least, he made people curious. Who is Super Junior??? Kudos for Adam!!!! I'm starting to like him!! XD

Hmmm.....Adam? I think you're going to receive a lots of love from Malaysian ELF. Well, I told you guys before. I don't dig Malay-pop right? I don't even know he is releasing a new album, and that was 2008. LMAO!! So, to do justice as he had commercialize our SUPER JUNIOR ~ I'll just promote his new album here. 

 Adam 3's jacket

LOL!! I don't know how to promote it!! Okay, here is an article which spazz about his new album. It's in Malay sadly. If I have the time, I'll translate it in english. LOL!! And to get some preview on how or what kind of music he brings in, vid is below. And here you can download some of his songs from the Adam3. PLEASE SUPPORT ADAM BY PURCHASING HIS ORIGINAL ALBUM!! 

Aha~ Sorry Sorry Adam. I really don't know how to promote you. But I hope this did justice~ CONTINUE FANBOYING!!! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE YOU DANCING SORRY SORRY NEXT!!!!


He'll stand in Malaysia because his love for Super Junior. Now, that would sounds bad to him. Hehehehe~~ oh, Adam. Pardon me, I just love to see a famous E.L.F and HOW YOU SHOW THE WORLD what you got! XD Aha~ now we got a famous E.L.F in Malaysia. Ottokae~~~

Anyway to end this spazzing~

*damn, I am bias.....

SUPER JUNIOR COME TO PLAY ENGLISH SUBS!!!! Thanks to for the info and for the subs!! ^^ Anyway, just up to eps 2. Give her a break, she subs it so hard. So please don't whine like: "PLEASE SUB THE THIRD PART!!" Or something like that with urge. It's lucky enough for us to have someone who is willing to sub :D

I need my comfortable bed now. Ahhh~~ I still couldn't get my heads right because of the interview. Hahahah~ it's nothing big but the college's environment made my jaw dropped. lol!

That's all honey bunches!!


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