Friday, April 17, 2009

Because I love energetic girls

*vidz credits to xBaybiieGlamax@YT
WOW! I SPAZZ ABOUT GIRLS!!!! *celebrates with Zhoumi* 
(readers: WTH??? Why Mimi?? Not Ming?? 

Yeah, yeah. A fangirl of such boys (points to my profile sections at the left), maybe I should reveal I'm a long-time fangirl of Morning Musume and Ayumi Hamasaki, I'm also a one year old fan of Mika Nakashima. I love Spice Girls back in 90s too. Just in case you might thought that I goes gaga over boys only. Bwahahaha!

As soon as I discovered Hyoyeon from Into The New World MV, I was wondering if Korea got some fierce lady on stage? Oh, I know Hyori is in the list. But.....can I get someone younger? Sorry Sorry Hyori-unni, still loves you though~ And discovered Son Dam Bi's Cry Eye. AMAJJING!!!! And reading about her wow-ed me also. So I told in this blog, I'm officially a fan of hers. Son Dam Bi's style in the new MV is kinda...hee hee hee~ but it gets the 80's feeling though! She really worked it! Love those shoes and shoulder-padded jacket. LOL!! But else, I love this song, got me singing it without realising. I wish I could see her in a new MV with more energetic dance routine, because she can do so much more than this. 

As much as I love Big Bang........pardon me VIPs and fellow YG family's lovers out there, I'm quite disturbed with 2ne1. I mean, the first impression of them is quite funny. I don't like their style. I know Wonder Girls had some quirky, funny dress too *cough* Tell Me *cough* but it's still okay for me. It actually gave me ideas of fun-loving, and Yoobin's black dress shot some high-lights there despite of the colorful members in the MV. But 2ne1...that hair.... that swim-suit looking and even a printed kemban-dress? I'm so sorry....Gosh, suddenly reminds me to this discussion about Ah Lians and Lalas with Jojo yesterday~ And since 2ne1 is not debuting yet, I'll keep my mouth shut. I just hope they'll fulfil the name of 'Female Big Bang' that people kept tagging to them or else I'll be IN HUGE DISSAPPOINTMENT. 

My FAV on-stage costumes
Uniformed=never goes wrong=too safe=no fun>Still OK

WTH? WTH?? WTH??? WTH????

I told you before I'm not a big fan of SNSD. Maybe because, if I told people I'm a fan, I will feel really-really plastic. Because, actually, sweet-sort of girls are not my type. But I do love their vibes and virus. Whenever I get tired with my masculine side, I'll never go wrong to watch SNSD and KARA. And if you're questioning about my Morning Musume-ness, well, I just get over it when I watch BoA's Eat You Up. 

So, I don't really like After School at first, because it seems like a PCD-double in making. But do I love Park Ga Hee's rap?? Yes I do!! And their Diva is not bad either. Sometimes, I do think female Big Bang should be given to After School when I watch DIVA. 

Conclusion? Maybe I love girls who can manage to look mean, fierce on stage but is incredibly sweet, souffle, sensitive inside. I'm not lesbian! But I do love these kind of girls in the mean of, respecting, admiring and I-wish-I-am-one thing, yeah like that. This is my arts of fangirling to girls, so people, my pure POV. No bashes please!!!


p/s: I dun have time to seek for global updates!!! I have to move it for my Training's report!! GTG!!

edit:- <<---some new pics of 2ne1. Some not bad though~ some just bleehhhh......

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