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Changes in MuCore and A little about Min

credits to CodeAnalysis@YT

No more Red Wine+ Grey, I realized that I frowned a bit. Because I love some other hot colors to make Sorry Sorry much groovier, I know black is meant to be classic sexy, but something more are needed to make them looked more interesting.  WELL! SOMETHING HAS CHANGED! Hyukjae is not wearing that shorts+kneehigh socks anymore! I swear, it's not that I hate it, but it reminds me a lot to school kids. But somehow, it does makes me think of (or more like I mistaken for..) equestrians' outfit. Hahahahah!!!  And now, he wore all-black, from head to toe. 

I had to say that black is the best to enhance the beauty of our 13 HWANGJAS!!! Bumped to lots of people in SJ-World saying that SJ looks like a mafia group!! LMAO!! If only they add some hats and gloves. That would be a TOTAL MAFIA look for me!! XD XD XD But I was a bit dissapointed to see Min with bow tie. I don't like bow ties and don't make me explain why because I don't really know why. Skinny ties are the best anyway. I love me some guys with skinny ties. 

They didn't win MuCore, as I expected. I don't know why MuCore hates SJ so much. But what the heck? The most important one is INKIGAYO!!!!! TRIPLE CROWN PLEASE!!!!!
I browse around while dusting off my LJ (don't ask my LJ addie, I'm not active!), and found these:

Credits as tagged and

I quickly grab my monitor and stare at the piccies deeply. First, I recognize that place, that shirt Sungmin is wearing, that shades and hats Heenim had there, and some few fellas around them.

MALAYSIA. Taken when SJ came to Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards '08. I was in college at that time, can't make my way to huggies my hubby welcome them.



Okay, so virtual_el have said before that Min got martial arts, why the heck he would be so scared that the manager had to holds him on their way back to Korea from KLIA. I was thinking about that too when I heard her saying that. But now, looking at these piccies. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY!!! It's really a confusement, as much as he wants to defend himself, he had to think that these people are his fans, plus, GIRLS! Public will complaint that SJ is being rude or mean to the fans if he suddenly did his KungFu there. That is Min. He thinks first. Why can't us??? Fans???

I am a fangirl myself, and I'm about to say something on fangirlings attitude. Read the rest by your own risk! I point this to Malaysian fans, or whoever had done that IN MALAYSIA. You might recognize your own hands in the piccies.

We all love our stars. I know how you get all excited to take pictures, to smell their presence, to get closer to them, to hear their voices and all. I know, because I want all that too. Most of us had been dreaming to be closer, to get into their circles and all. And maybe doing those stuffies might get you feel that you had work on your first step towards that dreams. 

Maybe that is what implanted in the minds of all fans who got excited and did some mobs on Donghae back in China. Everybody was shocked that Donghae gave the fans such attitude, and he apologized after that. If it wasn't for the mobs, I don't think Hae would said those mean words. Afterall, it's not just another mob. It's a massive mob!!!! I don't know about you guys, but my POV says: China fans get some bad impressions from Korean artist management company.  But lucky China, they had more positive fanclubs and are very supportive to shed away the negative image. Look at Super Shows, half of them are done there in differrent districts and counties, not to mention that Hangeng comes from China and Super Junior-M was born there just for the entertainment in China. 

Malaysian fans, or fans who comes to Malaysia. 

Please don't do this kind of attittude AGAIN!! First of all, think how it would portays our country to them! I know that Malaysia is quite well-known at some point but surprisingly, most of the people in this world didn't know WHERE THE HECK or WHAT IS MALAYSIA. So, let's take that Malaysian culture is currently ambigous, include the Korean artists here as well. They don't have any idea on what and how Malaysian is. This is not the country that any Korean companies had invest their money in, so the Korean artists come and go as they pleased.  This is the reality, EAT IT.  

When I see how the manager hold Sungmin so nobody would come near him, I only think of one thing. The manager had already made one template in his mind, saying that;"Malaysian fans are as crazy, can definitely forms a mob and are bad in attitudes".  We can't blame him of being cold on Malaysian fans the next time Super Junior come to Malaysia. 

Because *points to pictures* of this!! 

They don't know Malaysian, so better gave them a good picture of Malaysia when they come here. I am so dissapointed that the fangirls in the piccies let their excitedness comes over the brain first. 

If you love them, let them come here and let us greet them properly. I don't think they appreciate strangers to pull them like you come to Pasar Malam and grab the lelong stuff to rebut them before others get the stuff. If you want to be excited, gets excited!! But don't do things that will harm them, mentally and physically please. 

As much as me being head over foot for Super Junior, the thoughts of having skinship with them is a no. Unless there is a fanmeeting that allow us to handshake or stuff like that. If you want it, do it legal. And if you want it legal, be nice and make them remember you as one large bundle of good fans in one nice country. Like that, it wouldn't be so hard for the team that had been working to bring Super Junior to Malaysia, to make yours and our dreams come true. 

I'm writing this, just to ask Malaysian fans to be good and MORE CIVIL. Was that so hard to ask from you?? And remember that this is written from a fangirl too. I told you, read by your own risk. I appreciate your opinions, but I would definitely ignore bashes out of this. If you want to continue doing that bad attitudes, go on. Nobody is going to stop you. But I would definitely laugh heartily when you whines or shouts : "Super Junior, please come to Malaysia," or something like that. Remember, it's always like...what you give, you'll get back, babies.

That is all. CHIAO!




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