Sunday, April 5, 2009



Will spazz later, got work to do right now ^^

Gee~ it took me like a day to finish up all the piling works and now only I get the chance to spazz ><

Super Junior made it again!!!! If they win again for this week, they'll get the HAT-TRICK BABY!! Oh, gosh!! Please, please please win again *prays*

And helloooooooooooo~~ that new outfittos!!! I LOVE IT!!!Never thought of that color combination before, but grey+red wine (or maybe maroon?) is SURE DA HOTTEST THANG RITE NOW!! <------at least for me :P  

Look at Heenim's ring, gee, I love this one. If only I could get one and give to someone, but nobody would wear one in my circle...haiz... I think. That color combinations should be the new term for SMEXY! Sungmin's handkerchief is also, SMEXY.......... Now I want one!! *I want lots of things nowadays....should slaps myself a little bit*

The boys didn't cry~ Hee hee~now that is what they should do. I mean, hey. I love the view of guys crying (I mentioned this a lot of times) but their concept is boys to men, sooo.....crying doesn't suits them much. Kekekekeke~~ I'm no complaining them crying in previous winning though, just that, them not crying in this time InGa is can I put this? If you keep your eyes on them carefully, all of them are stiff when the result was announced. It's kinda surprising, since they'ren known for their dorky attitude! Me and P-sshi thought that, maybe SM scolded them like this:

SM: YAH! Our concept for Super Junior is NAMJA! NAMJA! You guys are crying on the stage last time, IN EVERY SINGLE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH! 

SJ: Omooo....can't help it, it's really over-whelming and...and.....(Teukie starts to had tears in eyes here).

SM: JUNG SOO, DON'T CRY!!! YAH!! I don't care, next stage, if you, Super Junior wins, make sure you don't cry. Or else, we need to change the concept. "Back to school" sounds good??

SJ: (Heenim's smirk) Nooooooooooo~~(everybody shooks head together)

SM: Than DON'T CRY IN THE NEXT ACCEPTANCE SPEECH!! (walks away, slams door to shut)

SJ: (Looking to each others) You cried the loudest!! (all of them points finger randomly)


Than, me and P-sshi laugh like mad! Probably eh? Probably that happened, and all of the boys tried so hard to calm down. Or...did somebody just told them they had won before the announcement made??? *cough* Hongki*cough* Anyways, theories only. So people, I warn you, this is pure fictionous, just wanna squeeze some laugh for you guys. LOL!!

I think that is all......hahahaha~~ I'm going to be hiatus to prepare for my interview in 14th April (Black Day?), got to collect all of my art works and try to impress the panels....hope they don't find my freakish sides just yet. Hmmmmm.....

Eh, why? People had their jibs right now....but mine? Why is it so late to arrive in JB? T__T I cried and goes holla-holla-holla back just now....... My daughter (my beloved JoJo X3) already got hers, so envious. And to think that I've ordered the Boys In City also....haiz......

Oh yeah, since I spazz a day late, SJ went to LOTS A LOTS A LOTS of shows~~~ the gags, the variety shows, ohhh~~ I couldn't catch up!!!><>

Sayanghaeyo (lots of it to you all)

Credits to bestiz, sj-market, Octopus Yesung &
YouTube Videos by kirraTwELF

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