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Hate You Love You

To make you mine, I'll risk all that I've got
I'm going to lose it all
Take note, the game has already started
Now I'm going to be your man
-Kim Ki Bum, U-

*points to title*Uhmm...exactly. That is how I felt about Kibum right now. 

I seriously HATE him for not declaring anything within his own will and using his own voice. I can't accept the fact he is using PRO to tell us, fans,  his-currently-doing-acting-classes-explanation (which I won't buy!) after showing up himself at Thai with other members! And yes, ain't he didn't join any sub-units? So there is no such thing as doing promo for the sub-units and he could have doing the acting classes at that time. To think that this is their 3rd Jib moment.......Kim Ki Bum, YAH! Why are you acting like this???

I told P-Sshi that I want to be his anti. And P-Sshi told me to hold that one idea off first. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Since Super Junior is well known for their big or little surprise (I've heard or read this somewhere...but where?), so I calmed down. He used to say he is putting himself as an actor first than being one of SJ's member. And I can't help the myth that he is quitting Super Junior some day (SHOO AWAY THAT ONE THOUGHT!!) from stirring in my mind. 

Some fans make a line in his/her post saying that maybe this is one way of SM to slowly release Kibum from SJ. Bits by bits, fans would forgotten about him and plucking him out from SJ would be no more problem after that. Yeah, you know how fans reacted when they announced H.O.T disbandment and debutance of SJ-M in China. Heck! FANS FLOCKED AROUND THE BUILDING DUDES!! And now the fans reached global, they're so much higher risk of fans bothering would take place. I bet SM didn't like such things to happen anymore~ so yeah. Like what the fan said about slowly releasing Kibum. It's about lowering the risk of crazy fans doing unexpected things that they make this 'slow treatment'. Makes me goes all moody the whole day because of this one fella! What to do.....I'm an obsessed fan :P

Thinking back, if Kibum is really quitting, slowly or drastically, why the heck he needs to even bother himself to attend any Super Shows? And why the heck he even comes to the MV filming sessions? Why even bother going to Thai with other members? If he is taking acting seriously, he would want to present himself in the best state of his, but he gained some baby fats during SJ's hiatus.  Why goes to photo sessions for 3rd Jib and Boys In City2, why even bother to call Sukira and shout out about his members and ELF? Why he made a statement against the rumors of him quitting last year? As far as I knew, whenever rumors stir, SM would never bother to answer unless it is seriously a critical allegation. Look at the dating rumors, nobody from the company ever answered whether it's true Siwon and Donghae dated Jessica. Why? Because, it is a mere rumors that they don't even want to waste their sweat on it. Super Junior's rumors on adding another 2 members, is one heck of important piece that they made a statement of SJ-M's status. Now, that is one serious rumors, they speaks up. And Kibum speaks up about the rumors, why?

Because it is serious, and there is a huge possibility it's been twisted or not true at all. There are lots of possibilities here. And it's all rely on one man's answer; Kim Ki Bum himself. Dude! You're being too mystery!!!

Some fans just want him out. Saying that he did nothing essential for SJ and never contribute much. A line of crappy raps, some stupid dance moves that anybody could do, singing part that is as easy, anyone could sing, why the hell we need Kibum anyway?? Go ditch him off~ he is useless.

Dear fans.

Where is your respect??? >:(

Think of this one. 

Kibum, 22, had been recruited to SM when he was 16, time difference is 6 years there. What did he done these years? Do he simply sit with Super Junior members and have his own leisure time? Certainly not!

Yes, he debuted as an actor. And than he was absorbed to SJ'05, the temporary group. Being one of SJ, he had to do extra works and divide his time to act, practice some dance moves, vocal class, attend variety shows and such. He still act, than he had to perform with SJ. And no. It's never easy to do any SJ dance moves. It's not even easy to rap or sing, and one need a high-rated patience to even record an album. One needs a really good focus and practices to achieve perfectness that public will approve. So Kibum stands there, as a human being who is actually an actor turned idol.

*Think of him practicing his rap and memorizing his part in the song while reading his drama script. 

Think of him getting shouted at when he didn't get his moves right while dancing. 

Think of his frustration when he could not get his lines right while singing.

Think of him practicing his dance moves before he goes to bed. 

Think of him shedding tears alone, suffering from the confusement and stress that he gets from all of the things he needs to do both as actor and an idol. 


**Think of him trying to cope with all the constant changes at such a young age.

You had to consider all of these whenever you said it is better for Kibum to get out from SJ. How come you could not have a respect on his hard work, and easily request his resignation from SJ?? Think of you and a circle of best friends. Would you ditch one of you guys when he or she is acting different? You sure would want to help him or her. The same goes to a band who is working together for such a long period. It's never easy to let go one of them because they're so used together. Believe me, I'm in a band too. Adding or substracting numbers in a band is simply annoying. Original is the best, no hassle of teaching the additional members, and no such extra effort to replace an emptiness in one part.

Anyway, readers out there who just felt some goosebumps because of this post, let me get you feel better. 


Shinhwa, is a boy-band (is this term proper for them now?? O.o) consisting of 6 members. Once, Andy had his own hiatus for a few years and rumors started to spread around saying he is quitting Shinhwa sooner. But now, can you see where is Shinhwa? They are still standing strong with all 6 members, no more, no less, just like the way they debuted. Every single member of Shinhwa had their own solo activities and when they get the time, they come up as one. The thing that they don't even disband even they had set up their own entertainment company is my favorite one. I hope, Super Junior will be like Shinhwa, never ever disband, no matter what kind of obstacles are given. 

Still not feeling any better? Haishh...come and watch this one. I hope you'll feel better!

credits to astagged; aikimkibum and uploaded in YT by pri3an

I, as the self-elected un-official Kim Ki Bum With Super Junior Forever's union spokeperson, ends my session of babbling explanation here. Shout 'Kibum Forever' at the blue shoutbox if you're with me!!! Kamsahamnida~


p/s: Some people wants Henry or Mimi to replace Kibum in SJ and I was like......what? SME is not that stupid to do that, Only13 fans and SJ-M's Flawless are going crazy next! But fans imagination is beyond limit!! I was laughing so hard reading all of it about this issue XD

*These are only things that I write to make you imagine, I don't even LIVE with Kibum to know if he really did those, so don't misunderstood. It's purely made by me to make you put yourself at his shoe.

**I had to put this one since people will protested; saying that Heechul and Kangin is acting too. Dear, the age plays important role too. He might seems cold in public, who is he in private? Nobody really knows. He might have his own conflict within and had his own ups and downs about this. If we think too much about him, he is probably thinking MORE than we did. 

pic credits as tagged, baidu and


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