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KENAPAAAAAAA??????? KENAPA KELAKAR SANGAT?? (Why??? Why so funny????)

*credits to LEMONxKISS@YT


Pendek umur tengok video ni, tak sengaja terklik pulak kat 'intimate notes EunChul'. Betul-betul tak sengaja! *ketawa kuat-kuat*

Aku ada lagi dalam 6 jam nak periksa MUET. ENAM JAM LAGI DENGAN REPORT TAK SIAP DENGAN PRESENTATION TAK SIAP HAPA! Apa aku dah buat ni......

Apakah yang Heenim buat?? Tak graceful langsung!! Eunhyuk pergi kenalkan diri sebagai Mrs. Han Geng pulak. Yang suami aku tak usah katalah....pergi selak skirt pulak. Konon gengster la tu (isteri kau ni lagi gengster.....) Kangin.....tak payah komen la.....Kang tak pasal aku dapat anti-fans. Sakit perut tengok 4 orang ni semua pergi menari 'Sorry Sorry' pulak~ Yang Gee tu aku boleh terima lagi. Adoi, tuhan, tolong. Esok aku nak exam......T^T

Hah, kau. Sampai terkeluar bahasa melayu aku....... nanti lah penulis tulis dalam english balik. Setakat ni.....I'm incoherent........

My husband is crazy! Ahh!! Let's claim the whole SJ gone crazy already!!

Oh my god, it's really not my fault that I went unintentionally to watch 'Intimate Notes' EunChul'!! I saw the words EunChul anc click on it accidentally, probably because I see the date is quite recent~


What did Heenim think he is doing?? So not graceful!! Eunhyuk introduced himself as Mrs. Hang Geng, oh gosh!! No need to say a thing about my husband...... he and his skirt.....what the.... he thinks he is doing a 'bad-girl attitude' (without knowing his wife here is much bad-ass than him). comment. Or else I'll invite some anti-fans here!!! Milord~ these four boys really kills me (in a bad way) with those costumes and dancing Sorry Sorry with it!! Even 'GEE' is much more acceptable for me~ God, help me, I got an exam to face tomorrow.......T^T

There you go, my English translations of the Malay-post and told you, I'm incoherent to express myself in English before. I really did! For the first time I'm clueless and had to write in my native's language in this blog. Gosh..... I will wait for the sub next!! XD


p/s: Sorry, this one really killed me before I went to bed. Finished revising and I goes to check my mail. All I got is this un-subbed vid which ends up with me posting about it. Will credits the uploader later. Credited. I'm going to bed right now.


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