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A Little About Miss Healerzz.......(2)

This post is drafted earlier and automatically posted within the time set upon it. Authoress is not around at the time being.


...somebody called me omma??

Probably you've seen Jorene@Jojo (my given nick to her ^^) in the C-Box calling me 'mama', 'mom', 'mummy' or 'omma' which all links to motherly call. LOL! First of all, I met Jojo in MY-SMTown and we get closer as we always spazz at the forum's c-box together. She starts calling me omma since she reads this post ( Note the part where I said I want Wookie to be my son. Jojo is actually a Wookie-nizer so she called me 'omma' because of this relation!! And I found myself blushing whenever she calls Sungmin 'appa'. HAHAHA!! What a role-play we had here ^^ Jojo can be reached on her blog ( I spazzing about SJ like almost everyday?

I've read the about section at Pretty Boy Power My intentions are somewhat similar with them. LMAO!! Just to share my thoughts and opinons, and to get myself sane enough to meet real people in real life. You can't find me spazzing while I'm working or studying. I seemed just normal (not really, but at least....) and nobody would expect me as a rabid fangirl. 

.....Why the heck am I even bother to write about this??

The main point is not to let my blog IDLE when I'm not around!!!I'm just trying to introduce myself, to all the person who had emailed me personally asking stuffies like this. I know you want to be friends, but I'm really...this is my limit in fangirling. It's not that I'm afraid, but I'm more like securing myself. Please understand that, you might knew me here, but you'll never see me. I may see you, though. LOLZZ!! Maybe the day I retire from fangirling is the day I reveal who am I actually. And that would take a long time to go!! XD Just...let's enjoy this fangirling together, you don't have to know me personally to celebrates this fangirl's term, let me be Miss Healerzz a.k.a Norfy to you. That should be enough. 

Last but not least....

Thank you so much for coming back and forth, reading my craps and all :D I know this is just a personal blog, but I'm glad that people actually read it. Thank you, thank you soooo much! If it possible, leave me some message, I know there is some loyal readers there who always visit but never say anything. I really want you to say something to me ^___^

And my latest craps, ends here. *bows*



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