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My favorite fruits..........

Hi, my name is Norfy. I am 12 21 years old. Today, I'm going to talk about my favorite fruit.

I love bananas. 

Because it is easy to find here in Malaysia. My granny also likes to feed me banana's cake for tea when I was very little. Bananas are really tasty, and there are so many different types of bananas. It's yellow in color and you have to peel it to eat it. I have to eat bananas everyday or I'll go crazy. Every food with bananas with it, I would certainly love it. Yes, I am bananas for bananas.

I love mangoes.

Mangoes are very sweet and you can make other dishes with it. Mango juice is the best to quench your thirst after having a good sport. I used to bring a mango to school for lunch and everybody was shocked. Because I love mangoes. My dad always brings me to the night market and taught me how to pick the best mangoes. Everyweek is a mango week. But I don't favor MNG clothing brand. Maybe because it's just not my type. 

I love pineapples.

If westerners and east orient had apples, we at the tropical wheathered countries had 'pineapples'. Pineapples looks dangerous for the blunt thorn when you first see it. And if you don't carefully cut it, you'll feel stingy when you eat the flesh out. But pineapple is actually really tasty if you know how to manage the fruit. My favorite is pineapple salad. You threw diced-pineapple to a bowl, mix well with some mangoes and cereal, don't forget the whip cream, it would be like the best dessert ever after a family dinner. 

I love bananas, mangoes, and pineapples.


Just because.


p/s: I'm trying to retain myself from not being exploded of the latest news on Kim Ki Bum. I promised not to spazz for three days, so here I am........ 



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