Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pledging my love for Faizal Tahir

Seriously.... I'm not into Malay-pop. I don't even know what's hot right now!!! Omooo.....my college mates told me I'm such a.....what? Freaks....Aigooo...But very few had some spots in my heart. I love Malaysian hip-hop. The flavors... *two thumbs up!* and I love collabs in Malaysian hip-hop biz is filled with LURVE! Siti Nurhaliza (I'm a SitiZoners!!). She is my top favorite, 2nd would be Jaclyn Victor!! 

Aside from hip-hop and those two lovely divas.....

I Love Faizal Tahir. BWAHAHAHHAHAH!!! Okay, I know it's not even K-pop, it's just that, his works are awesome. Though he got few controversies, but hey! His works are superb. My type of music. Those talents and uniqueness. Now, self-style is what I crave. LOL. And he gets a new hair cut, which I really adore! Pity that he is married already, or else, I'd be glad to be the president of his fangirls' site XD

Faizal Tahir with his new hair style, short is really 2009's trend! Even SJ got their hair SHORT!! 

This is his piece that I love a lot. Kept it in my phone, and was honored as the ONLY MALAY SONG IN MY PHONE!!! XD Mind you, he can sing live really well~ that voice of his is so for the win!!! I hope he could go far~ Oppa Faizal <---SOUNDS WEIRD!!!! LOLOLOL!!
Credits to AkeEmPrO@YouTube

Interested on him? Visit his FC (all sites are in English :D) :- Forum | Blog | WiKiPedia


p/s: K-pop is still no.1 though!! XD

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