Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pre-hiatus hits me

I'm addicted to you
Don't you know that you're toxic?

And when Norfy hits pre-hiatus, she will spazz something out of her mind. Mianhe in advance. And since I had no mood with Mucore~ yeah. 

First, Sungmin used to say he loves nice legs. (checks own legs, wonder if it's good enough)

Second, he settled with another statement saying he loves girls who can cook well (bite nails)

Third, Jojo told me to watch today's star king but I totally forgot and went for my hair appointment. Lucky my daughter is very bagus! She wrote roughly about the show and I found Sungmin-ah...he...haiz...... 

Now don't know la what to do.................... I'll go michyeo, changing my personality to fit his dream girl criteria. Am I obsessed? Yes, I do think so.

(Why is this author so stupid? She won't even get the chance anyway to date the guy, what the heck is in her mind? Try looking at your reflection in the mirror la wei!!!)

Oi, I'm not alone you know. Anyway, let me be in this stupid fantasy by my own~ I'll wake up sooner, just...just let me enjoy la ok? Youth comes only once, when can I do this stupid things? LOL!! 

I'm not pretty.

I can't cook (I wanna add 'at all', but I can cook spaghetti and a set of kangkung belacan, YAY!).

Guys treat me like they treat their guy-friend. I'm not the sweet-sweet girl any guy would dream of.

I don't know....maybe I should wake up by now? TT___TT

(Ya! Ya! Wake up la!! Ish, wasting time also. Go look for a BF la. Be realistic.)

But I only want LEE SUNGMIN!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok. I had enough. Bye!


p/s: I seriously attended cooking class because of the news...............and I'm seriously signing up for aerobic class because I'm being reminded of the info. Seriously, I'm obsessed, but my dad is happy, he thought I found someone....LOLz!!!

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