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"Popular group Super Junior have appeared on SBS Power FM (107.7Mhz) "Choi Hwajung's power time" and revealed the special habit of Yesung.

On the corner "Big star special show", Choi Hwajung had asked Super Junior's Kangin, Yesung, Donghae, Shiwon, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun about their funny habits and they said "Yesung likes touching the other members' cheek a lot, especially touching the philtrum when they are sleeping"

Yesung said "My hands are small & beautifull so If you touch it, you will feel moist like a girl's hands" and "I havent touched since last one year". The other members said "Yesung's hand is extremely moist that it doesnt only become very wet but also made magnae Kyuhyun's skin become bad because he touched his cheek a lot". After that, DJ Choi Hwajung asked "Did you get infected by the touch of hand, didnt you ?" and made everybody burst out laughing.

Also, when were asked which member is often cheated/fooled beause of stupid, they said it was Donghae because he is pure, innocent and has a lot of emotion.

Besides, they aslo talked about their ideal type. KyuHyun likes a girl with nice legs, Shiwon likes a good girl who has deep eyes, Sungmin likes a girl who cook well and type of girl like actress Kim Hye Jung."

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You saw that one sentence that I purposely high-lighted right?

First of all.

I don't cook. For the whole of my life, I never make one proper dish by my own.

Second. I'm not pretty.


Kim Hye Jung at naver

Kim Hye Jung at nate

From wikipedia

Be back to edit later. I'm crazy already right now!!!!


It seems like, I'm so obsessed with Min, I really want to be his dream girl. *blush* To think that I'm 21 and still believe in false hope is really embarrassing. But heck! This is a motivation for me to be more feminine......kekekekke~ Wasn't he used to say that he loves nice legs (Kyu sticks with this one though ><) but now it's more specific. Kekekekekeke~~ I'm happy he opens up a lot nowadays :3

Again, whoever know who is Kim Hye Jung, please tell me. I see that she acted in Gourmet SBS back in 2008. Well, I bet Min is following the drama and totally caught with the idea of food and beautiful woman. But I don't even know is this the same Kim Hye Jung that he mentioned there. 

Goes la la already~~ 3 hours of lunch break due to Friday prayer, and spent two hours spazzing. My detox is still working it on me, need another few weeks to release all the toxics! XD

Min's lover too? Come and spazz at Wonder Min. Hee~ look at the So Hot section, there is a banner of Min's lips there X3 Finally it has the banner that I crave to put in my linkies. Love that site so much because it's in English. Whole lots of Sungmin's goodness are there!! 

Today's MuBank!!! Are you guys ready for them???????? LET THEM ROCKS ON!!

Sayanghaeyo (Sayang-Min-iieyo~~ heheheh)

p/s: I just bought a tiny little phrase book of Korean to understand a little about Hangul. Maybe you can say I'm preparing for my formal class in my first term of Bachelor Degree~ kekekeke~ 

*pic credits to FR: su-cream & chunjinnanman +


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