Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tribute to the leaders

Park Jung Soo, leader of Super Junior

My respect to you for bearing all the pain and hard works of taking care both the fans and 15 boys.
Though you seemed somewhat witty to be a leader, a cry baby, but you did well. You got the aura to comprehend each of the boys. And you're the one who bridged ELF and Super Junior, updating your cyworld regularly to keep fans knew what is up with SJ.

Tan Han Geng; Super Junior M's leader

There would be no SJ-M if there is no Tan Han Geng. Facing the uproar of crazy fans on the early appearance of SJ-M, you've been into so much stress but you manage to smile and give the best to those who loves. 
I'm looking forward for more SJ-M, because it's true, when SJ-M sings 'It's gonna be ME', it is you guys who turns negativity into positive light.

Jung Yunho; DBSK leader

You got just what it takes to be a leader. The charisma, the value, the firmness, the discipline, all wrapped into one and there is Jung Yunho for DBSK. 
Emerging as a leader for a very well-known boy band in the whole wide world takes a lot of guts. To do and what to not do seems to be in your head all the time, but you always cool it no matter what. You're certainly,  a born leader.

Kim Hyun Joong; SS501 leader

I would never know, judging from your pretty face, that you're going through such hard life before you get to where you are right now. 
I do think that hard life makes you a good leader. With such bitter experience, you could handle all the other members so well. 

Park Jae Bum; 2PM's leader

Seriously, you're the first leader that I thought would never think of what other people said! You goes dorky just as much as you can, you never afraid of being yourself.
And what?? You're the leader of such charismatic and synchronized group?? Haha~ but really. I know deep down your hilarious side is the great magnet to make your members follow you.

Jo Kwon; 2AM's leader

I don't know how to describe you. But you charm people arounds you and makes people quickly recognized the talent of 2AM so rapid, I can't even remember when did you guys become so popular?
I do think, you had been a good leader by marketing your group so well. Using yourself as bait, that is. Hahaha~

Choi Jong Hoon; FT Island's leader

Jong Hoon-ah. I know you're the leader. But you don't have to give that cold smirk all the time. Sometimes I thought you're much older than me because of that. I wonder how did you handle the boys within silent? I don't think you're the type who talks a lot.
The most important, how do you handle the manic Hong Ki? Since you can handle him, you're cool!

Lee Jinki; SHINee's leader

Sangtae, my dear sangtae, Onew sangtae. You did lots of awkward moments, you did received lots of laugh and melts lots of hearts with that sexy voice and that innocent smile. 
But I had to admire you because you had been a bravo leader for the newcome group like SHINee. Your tears in last MKMF, I don't understand. But I can see you've been working hard that you slowly becomes like Jung Soo.......

LEADERS!!! You're there not only to lead, but you're the point for people to see the flock that you lead. 

It's been hard.

But you guys have done the utmost best of yours.

You might be not my favorite members in the group you're in.

But you're definitely the one I get to give my respect to.

Thanks for the hardwork.

I love you, LEADERS!!!

Sayanghaeyo, Mr. Leaders

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