Friday, May 8, 2009

Found an undercover ELF among ALLKPOP's authors!!z!

ET: *Enjoying the sun-bathe*
Norfy: You'll burn your skin
ET: *Pretend not to hear*
Norfy: I'm going to marry you for looking so lovely under the sun
ET: O.O I had enough! *runs*

Hahahah~ I was trying to post this one like the last week! But yeah, got stuck on this part time job~ hahaha~ I'm so going to kill my boss if he didn't pay me well!

We can easily trace anti and fan. Anti sounds hateful, sarcastic, things like that. They are busy looking for the negative sides from the things they're anti-ing ( I know this word didn't exist, just hush!). While at the other hand, fan loves, being witty to any of the things they love. 

But the same thing between these two is getting to know about 'it' more than anybody else. So, this author is kind ELF? As some facts from the posts are kind of old~ lolz to you author!

Here are some links for you to preview, how the undercover ELF wrote wittifully for SJ in order to get people attention for SJ~

Hahahaha!! Okay, not really an ELF, but I do love all his witty posts about SJ~ It's not annoying and it did gave me a good laugh! So I labeled him ELF as well~

And yes honey bunches, the person is a 'he' :)

I hereby announce that I'm a fan of Poopiness in AllKPop!! LOLz!! Wow, people, I love a gossip blog's author!!! *sings Miracle*

Anyway, it seems that SJ's Repackage Album is going to be up soon~ I'm not getting it, since I'm broke right now...... yet, I'm still excited to hear what E-Tribe would offer us from the sound of SJ and what kind of style do our SJ boys would go for??? I was trying to decode it by listening to E-tribe's previous hot stuff like U Go girl and Gee, but couldn't. Since this is going to be a man thing, what would E-Tribe do? 

Honeys, let's brace ourselves again.

This is going to be so EXCITING!


p/s: I'm so off topic~

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me said...

hi..any idea when they will promote the repackaged?i tot today..but no..

Miss Healerzz said...

it was said that they're going to start promoting the song "It's You" on 17th of May ^^