Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am back HONEYS!!!

Kibum: Why do you like to use me??? GO USE YOUR FREAKING HUSBAND!!!

Just like usual, every month, I'll change the layout. How is this one? ^^ I had to choose like 2 hours before I settled down with this one. Do you find it easy on the eyes? Was it functioning properly to you? Please tell me ok? :D

So, last time, it was red wine+grey combination for my chatbox, plurk and music widget. Now, I use the color creme+greyishwhite since I really like this Sorry Sorry outfit. 

*fr nice donghae, credits to

Alright, I know, I promised to do my CB on first May, but ended up posting 3rd May instead. LOLz! Like people care~ just in case you're curious, I'm tired. That's all. Hahhaha~

HMMMM!!! A week of hiatus, and lots of things happened. Kibum in LG cf, Sungmin is doing another magic in Star King, SJ concert with Jackie Chan, Jeomsil Notes english subbed, Music Bank week chart winning, Guerilla date, etc! Ahhh~ I updated myself about it for two days and now I'm kind of....starry-eyed~ dizzy already.

To take note and gave my POV for every single things would just consume times and I would end up not posting anything, so I would focus on things I like the most.

Kibum. So far, he caught my attention out of every stuff, including Jeomsil Notes. Because we haven't heard of him since the Thai Press Con, and suddenly he pops out to do this..... OZ cf? Err.....Ok. Whatever. But heck. I know every each of us missed him so bad, and it's good to see him in a good health. And I kind of.....I felt something annoying in my heart when I see him dance. Dang~ almost got me crying. I mean, wow. I want to see him dancing with SJ. Yeah, like that.

*credits to Wondersmurf@YT


I can't say more. Just glad that he is great like always. So much for CB post, but...yeah. I should do my craps on Jeomsil notes, but....yeah. 

I can't lie that I really freaking missing Kim Kibum of Super Junior. 

Kibum-ah~ be happy wherever you are. Just don't forget to say hello to your fans, they cried a lot already~ I'm not going to help if you got antis soon~ saranghaeyo~

Sayanghaeyo (KIM HEE CHUL!!!*mimicking SJ's cheer in Jeomsil Notes :P)

p/s: Happy Belated birthday to my dear Jojo~ So sorry that I didn't wish you on time x___x

**Kibum's pic credits to sj-market +


Anonymous said...

hi..welcome back. i read somewhere that kibum will cb for the repackaged promo. sm said during some interview bout it. but i can't find the source. but really hope that the article is so true

Miss Healerzz said...

Thanks for the news :D
Wahoo! that would be so great if he would do that cb!! geez, he really is oozing the attention for himself alone if he did that. LOLz!