Friday, May 15, 2009

It's You Drama Version

*vidz credits to Sup3er Junior@YouTube; kudos to Sapphirepearls for spreading it around

Uh-huh~ Kibum's sad face turns to....anger? When he walks away. Huh! Being rejected is not a good feeling isn't it, but I don't expect him to go angry~ LOLz!

By the way, I love it how Hyukjae looks jgiehrgnb[ odjc [iejhpqi h HOT HOT HOT like JOLOKIA in this drama version. I mean, his black leather~ doing graffitti, he should be my boyfriend, seriously...................... *being chased by virtual_el*

Wookie, I'm so glad they didn't cut the part where he threw the bouquet. Damn, he made me melts. Such determination expression with delicate features of his~ ahhh~ Wookie, my 2nd favorite~~

Heenim, well. He could looks hot without even trying. And it could turns out soooooooo (find your own adjective) when he TRY.  I guess lots of girls would like to hitch a ride with him on that bike *raise hand unkowingly*

I do think Jungsu and Sungmin gets less frames in this MV. No, not only this version, normal version and leaked one also. to blame, there is 13 boys to love and of course some of them would had to sacrifice. I hate it on how Sungmin looks like a geek who's love got rejected and he needs to write a letter to show his sincerity....... =.=; I've gone overboard, I know.... But....but...

I really want to see somebody on the streeet wear something like Yesung's. I would totally fall for that preppy but not geeky loooks. Oh, Yesung. I'm so not over the fact that I ditched you from my top 5 list for Jungsu.... T.T 

KYU is the ultimate HOTNESS in this MV. No matter what version it is....seriously, nobody could blink when he made his appearance in the MV. Damn, that kid is fine. Damn, that KyuHyun is out to kill you soon in INKIGAYO!!!!

I can't spazz about Geng, Siwon, Dongdong and Kangin. First, I felt bad that Dongdong involved in an accident, I want to tell him personally to get calm soon. This is not his first time in accident right? ;_; Second, I'm trying to mend this jealousy of Kangin because of Jeonchil Notes (him and Ming....). Third, Geng and Siwon are too hot for me. My nose kept bleeding without me myself knowing it whenever I spazz about them!!!

To end all of my craps:

*credits to pr13an@YouTube; shared by sapphirepearls. 
Without sub :)



p/s: Super Junior glowsticks anyone? You shall buy glowsticks soon ^^ 

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