Saturday, May 30, 2009

June is my E.L.F month!

I miss Fullhouse..... I miss E.H.B...... Can't SJ do something like this together again? =3= *a little wish from a fangirl*

Yes, I'm an E.L.F by last year's June. Of course I didn't remember the exact date, but it was relatively June. Hahahhaha~ the days I reluctantly watch E.H.B and even being forced to get to know each of the members. I shall mark June as my precious month that I celebrate as E.L.F.

I'm not aware it's been a year already, but last night, while fooling around and droolings spazzing at M-INvasion, Alex mentioned about her being new in fangirling SJ as I asked what the boys are doing in one of the pic. I'm quite sure she said before that she started off E.L.F-ing in June 2008. It's amazing to see her effort of spreading her love to others when she is actually, a baby born E.L.F. LOLz!! I described myself like that last year, but not recently. Not that I think I am familiar with SJ yet, but it's just that I have watched all their shows, listened to all their songs, knows their details and I can discuss about it openly, be it criticism or usual spazzings. Yeah, like that.

Now. What to do to mark this first year? Hmm......

Maybe watching the whole EHB and FullHouse again. Some old shows with them on it (X-Men, Love Letter, Super Junior Diary etc). Reading their radio transcripts, interviews. Well, maybe some dramas like Golden Bride, Fake Family Service, but definitely not Rainbow Romance. My god......look at that whole series!!! I can't cope with it!! 

It seems a bit relaxing for both SJ and E.L.F for these two weeks? There is definitely some good reasons for the late S.Korea's president incident. Not that I'm trying to say something rude, but it's fairly good that the whole busy country had some moment to rest. It's been hectic for them I guess? Oh, heck, I was talking about SJ actually. And while some whiny fangirls are not happy (oh, dear. Somebody as important as NATIONALIST just died!! Learn some basic social manners!) with no music stages at the weekend, it's good that the boys could use some time off from performing everyday. 

Routine, a video to end my post:

credits to everlastingsubs@YT

I LOL at Hyuk's complaining about himself and how the boys kept saying they look unnatural. My hubby Min is the only one who seems to love his style. ENJOY! ^^


p/s: AKP said Taeyang's prayer is a sampling from Jacky Cheung's CRY, but I couldn't link the two songs at all @____@

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me said...

the 1st time ever i know about sj is through ehb. i nvr been a fangirl before. i liked some song but not the singers. i loved some dramas but not the actors. but i really become a fangirl after watch strong sj change our life

Miss Healerzz said...

@me: E.H.B is the best way to convert your friends to E.L.F, seriously~ hahahaha~ who wouldn't love handful of cute guys fooling around? XD

me said...

yeah u are soo rite. i gave all my fren watch it. even not all become fans but all of them love watching it. and at least they know who are super junior

Miss Healerzz said...

LOLz! Yeah~ It's plain addicting and we always want to watch it continuously; expecting more randomness of them. Oh, SJ. They do sell variety shows well!