Monday, May 4, 2009


Whoaaa~~ this May is full with things to be done!! XD

So you guys might wanna go and check this out~ to all Korean freaks!

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The Korean Embassy invites 400 people into a fabulous event to promote ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit and Malaysia-Korea 50th Anniversary in 2010.

The event will be held at the Grand Ballroom of Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 21st May 2009 from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

All the attendees will be fully and freely entertained with various cultural performances inclusive of ‘Break Out,’ a world top B-Boy dance group as well as fancy souvenirs and lucky draws.

For more details, please download the attached files. Also, please download the application form and send it to by 13th May 2009. You will get a confirmation e-mail and lucky draw number from the Embassy.

Interested? Please email to Mulan unni here [] She will forward to you the detail of the event including the application form.

Another one is a collaboration to do blood donation, Malaysian ELF and Lions Club in Sentul. Here are the details:-

Credit: MYSJ (
Original text by: yinyin
Translation by: Karen
Checking by: 银水晶

Millions of people owe their lives to people they will never meet – people who donate their blood freely and without any reward. However, the overwhelming majority of the world’s populations do not have access to safe blood. Over 80 million units of blood are donated every year, but only 38% are collected in developing countries where 82% of the global population lives.

Every year of June 14 has been selected as World Blood Donor Day to celebrate and thank those individuals who voluntarily donate their blood without any reward. It is hope that new generation of blood donors will follow their example, providing the safest blood possible for use wherever and whenever it is needed to save life. Youth will therefore be the focus of the day.

June 13, 2009, LIONS CLUB OF SENTUL and MALAYSIA SUPER JUNIOR FANS-SITE (MYSJ) are working hand-in-hand: Give hope to patient who needs blood and thank to existing voluntary, unpaid blood donors.

It has been a norm that the societies evaluate fans is equated to naive and unwise.
Besides being a group of supporters to entertainment artistes, MYSJ would like to take this opportunity to lead Malaysia E.L.F (fan-club name given by Super Junior) to serve the community by commencing our role in human development through giving blood. We hope that this program able to educate young generations to have social interaction and collaboration at the global level, resulting in their acquisition of significant leadership skills which can later benefit our own country in wide-ranging activities.

As this is a significant project, LIONS CLUB OF SENTUL is inviting VIP (Politician) to the site for the drive and encourages blood donors. Mass Medias are invited to participate in this momentous event as well.

Super Junior has participated in blood donation activities in South Korea prior to their 3rd album release. As Malaysia E.L.F, hope that we can gather as one, show our strength and make Super Junior proud.

MYSJ invites all members to bring along your family and friends
Come and join us, share your love and lend your helping hands to those who need it.

For E.L.F who are interested, you are encourage to wear blue colour attire
As for MYSJ members, please put on MYSJ Forum T-shirt
Let’s put our effort together and create a Blue Ocean during this noteworthy event.
Who knows? We might be broadcast to Super Junior.

Light beverage and refreshment are provided to all donors.

Miracle can happen to many individuals due to your voluntary endeavor.
Everybody is all welcom to join!! Let us show all the people that we, fangirls worth the society best ^^ and yes, helping out people who are in need of the bloods :D

First time I didn't spazz, but spreading around~ lolz!


p/s: Part time job..... Part time job..... I want a part time job......


me said...

hi, do u know where exactly the place for the blood donation? n the website, i can't understand it at all..

Miss Healerzz said...

the blood donation will take place somewhere that we had not been informed yet. Since it's going to be in June, so this is quite early ^^ and what website? O.o

mulan77 said...

TOT i've been waiting for this... but sadly i can't join it... kenduri at my auntie house... when will i get the chance to donate my blood... i'm being brave because of Super Junior... my friends so not gonna believe this huhuhuh