Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, as you can see, my side bar went RIGHT under. I don't know what happen, but it started being like this since 17th May and I've been trying everything to get it right.

So don't panic, if you want to interact with me, or buy SJ ver. C or looking for some links that I promote, please come down there. It's still there, just I don't know how the heck is blogger putting it down under ><

Whatever it is, I'm still figuring out the problem. For the mean time, please bear with the messiness you're experiencing here...so sorry x___x

And it would be very helping if you guys could suggest on what I should do to resolve this matter. I've been trying to change the layout and even reverted it to classic template. But it's just not working :(

Hope you understand.


p/s: 200,000+ honeys!! Can we go beyond that? Maybe double that amount? XD

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