Thursday, May 7, 2009



But yes, of course I'm going to talk about Super Junior.

I love HenWook. Two adorable cutie being cute and sweet together, I could die because of too much sugars in their OTP.

I can't make it KyuMin or KangMin as my 2nd FAV. I really love both of them! And I do think they'll take care of Min very well by their own style~

In SHINee, 2Min FTW!!!

Let's focus. 

I love KyuMin, they understands each other so well. Being such a complement to each other, Sungmin is short, Kyu is tall. Sungmin is considered on of the ace in dancing, while Kyu goes for singing the best in SJ. Sungmin is a hyung with aegyeo too much, Kyu is a dongsaeng with maturity too much. I like them being togethere~

I love KangMin. Min is very much like a girl at times, Kangin is just being so nice, to bring up Min everytime he thinks Min could shine in every show that they join together. Kangin is manly, while Min is a bit soft~ Kangin talks a lot, Sungmin shy away most of the time. Kangin cries in public, Min don't. They're......too cute. So adorable, I can't stand it.

Non-sense from a tired me.


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