Friday, May 15, 2009

SHINee~ Noona is waiting for youuuuuuuu~~

Norfy: SHINee stars~~ Like a little diamond~~
Heenim: YAH!! Thats our song!!!
Taemin: Thank you noona~ ^^
Norfy: Still I got Super Junior in MY HEAAARRRRTTTT~~~
Heenim & Taemin: SHUT UP!!!

Since everybody went crazy about SJ quite often right now, I would like to keep my mind sane and neutral by spazzing about SHINee, my second favorite after SJ ^^
From what I've seen, the picture do shout 'CONTEMPORARY' to me. SHINee is really like no other boyband, and I'm supporting them because I believe they're going to make it big *cough* my little sister is a SHINee World*cough*. Though people around the corner are saying they detested what SHINee is trying to bring  (points to clothes and accessories), I'm quiteanticipating, surprisingly. 

I don't like too much of stupid stuff going on. Short and too-tight pants are not my things when it comes to boys. I hate the fact that Minho got a nose job and Taemin is coloring his hair there.

But as a noona who had been taunted by them since their debut, I can't help but to look forward what are they trying to say with those piccies. Romeo. My little romeos. Where shall thou bring crazy noonas now? LOL

I want to draw your attention to SMTown's love :) 

SHINee World had been supporting Super Junior by advertising Sorry Sorry around their fansites and I'm glad to see that. So here I am as ELF, would like to support SHINee's Come Back (releasing mini album) which is scheduled on 21st of May 2009. Please anticipate and support these boys a lot :3


p/s: I'm a denying Onew-lover who had Jonghyun as favorite. Get it? LOL

*pic stolen from AllKPop (man, I hate that site, but I still coming back for more)

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