Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something I like to share

*credits to funkymermaid@youtube.com

I'll comment later? It's pretty late now ^^ Extracted from Super Junior's Diary when they're still under the name of 'project group' just like Morning Musume. Kibum and Kyuhyun is not there so Wookie is the magnae in the group at hat show.

And oh, did I mention how much I love fanarts and fanworks? I LOOOOVVEEE THEM ALL~~ Be it fanvid, fanfic (I love this the most), fansong, blah3.  Under is a vid that P-sshi shared with me, and it had been my latest favorite of fanvid :D

WARNING: If you can't accept a mild boy love or some a bit extreme jokes on SJ, PLEASE DO NOT WATCH. And for some reasons, the maker of this parody is having something kinky with SNSD's YoonA here, but I think she is meant to have it as a joke only. So SONE sistah, stay calm~

The parody owner makes another one which involves my 2nd favorite OTP, KyuMin (my top is HenWook :P).

And no. I don't support gay rights at all. This is pure fun only. It was hilarious but sweet at the same time and I found myself laughing everytime I watch it.

Will write more if I think it's needed :P


p/s: Ohh....I love macros. I so love the macro-makers, though you guys said it's FAIL, to me, it's a WIN!

*both vidz of parodies credits to reinaxox@youtube.com


Nur 'Atiqah said...

Marry U parody.lalala!~ At the end of the song attracts me. KyuMin <333 keke~

Miss Healerzz said...

It's really lovely done, isn't it?

Nur 'Atiqah said...

Yeap! hehe~

Miss Healerzz said...

LOLz! I just found a new parody made by the same babe, try flipping through her channel, Neorago's parody. I love it! XD