Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry Sorry Malaysian Version is out!!

Hae: *bobo*
Wookie: ^///^
Norfy: Why are you closing your eyes, Hae? =.=; 
It shouldn't be that romantic!

Hi honeys!!! (it's been a while since I greet people in my post O.o)

I was maneuvering  around in SPEEDY, figuring out which one would be the best M.Nasir's CD for Wookie. Looking here and there, laughing by myself and look some more. Suddenly my eyes went O.O <<-----(exactly like this)

You know what I see?


The jacket of the CD is in version B. A gift of mousepad included with it and it cost you only RM44.90! Thanks to miss_mulan77 unnie for the clarification, I thought the mousepad is poster!! LOLz!! 

And for your information, the one with the price tag RM54.90 is Korean version, it has 'imported' stickers on it. So please take note. I'm not trying to say don't buy Korean version, but please support Malaysian version as it's going to be recorded in Malaysian sales chart. Sales chart would persuade sponsors to recognized SJ's fanbase and might draw their attention to get SJ to Malaysia :)

Honeys, did I heard you promised me that you're going to buy the Malaysian version?

Well, what the heck are you waiting for??? GO GRAB THAT COPY NOW!!!! It's available at SPEEDY and other local major stores :)


M.Nasir's Saudagar Mimpi cost me only RM12.90. And I would be getting some few E.L.F to join hand and send together our package, it'll cost me less than RM15.  


GREAT! I'm not over-budgeting!! So I can have that MALAYSIAN VERSION!!! XD XD XD


I am so going to need a new job~ Need to work. Seriously. My back bone is aching for some active life!!! 

Will update to you how the Malaysian Sorry Sorry would look like~ STAY TUNED!!


SJ WON AGAIN IN MUBANK!!! Nobody ain't stopping them now, isn't it? ;) This win is a miracle!! Look at how surprised Wookie is, and how Jungsu is soooo relieved and satisfied ^^

And....Min? Hey Min? De le de le de le de le that Min?

I love you, Min. I love you no matter what *blows kisses*


p/s: DAMMIT!! EVEN ALLKPOP IS SPAZZING BAYBEHHH!! XD XD XD XD I guess Jungsu is just right about anti-fans anyway. 

*HaeWook pic credits as tagged and I believe I take this pic from


me said...

what a great news!!
nway, just asking, how to send a gift to ryeowook?

Mariel said...

This is like amazing, you have Malaysian version!!

zaT lorh! said...

i am so going to buy.. good news.. thanks for the info..

Sakinah said...

omg unnie!!!
i was just read the post yesterday bout msia vers. and now u said it's out already??!!
i'm so going to buy~
*nseb bek x smlm xjdk bli,hmpir2 dh*lol
btw, which Speedy did u went?^^

Sakinah said...

i'm looking through ur post again..
*since i'm so excited and read it in a glance*
the cd that i was holding and almost buying is MALAYSIA VERS!!
how can i be so babo?
i found 2 types of cd..
1 is RM54.90 and another 1 is RM44.90..
tnye org kdai tue, npe yg nie agy murh and ader mousepad lak tue..
de pun xtaw~kui3
thanks for the post^^
now i know..
i probably going back to

Nur 'Atiqah said...

I must buy it!!! but speedy is not here *referring to Perlis* adeh!~ thanks unni for that info:)

Miss Healerzz said...

@me: It's on my side bar entitled Alert Honey Bunches, click on the banner :)

@sakinah: and that is the case when I feel that I should be the one behind desk who can help with customers on their CD! How come they don't know???? THEY SHOULD KNOW!!! Haizz....

zaT lorh! said...

yeah i saw three versions but i bought the one with mousepad.. ;) jumping and dancing around..XD LOLX!

me said...

i saw the three version. i want the one with the mousepad. but there is no kyu on it. sigh~

zaT lorh! said...

yeah i'll do that later.. ;P

Miss Healerzz said...

actually, I don't quite get what is that 3 versions you guys are talking about? (?__?)

zaT lorh! said...

I guess there were korean version bcos I can spot the 'imported' stickers on it just now. I think but not quite sure tho!

Miss Healerzz said...

@zaT_lorh!: try reading once again my entry. I don't want people to get confused.

@sri sharmilaa banu: my apologize for deleting your comment. But I don't spread something that I have no faith on. Please understand. Thank you

Misz_gMah said...

i already bought sorry2 version B ...
the price rm60.. damn it!! and i just get a big poster..this is a mouse pad?warghh im stress.. i didnt have enough money to buy it again and again!durh..huhu

Miss Healerzz said...

@gmah: are you singing 2PM's song? LOLz~ in fact, SM just know how to grab that money out of us fangirls~