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Sorry Sorry Malaysian Version (update)

Just got my copy of Malaysian Version :)

Wrapped in clear plastic, I handle it with so much love ~<3

Left; mouse pad the free gift. Right; Sorry Sorry Malaysian version <3

I sit Malaysian version with Korean version. Can you spot who is who? XD

This is Malaysian version, you can see the hologram (damned typo in that pic!)  sticker and the logo of Warner Music besides the bar code.

Just in case you're annoyed with my scribbled pic :)

Try figure out which one is Malaysian and which one is Korean?

Sorry, bad pic. You can see Made In Malaysia is written there :)

*not advertising, or anyting* I bought my copy at Speedy, Jusco.

It cost me RM44.90 (but some places sold at RM42.90, a trustee told me O.o) and the retailer boys was peeking at me as if I'm a criminal of the year!! They even say something about me buying the CD with such price, heh. They thought I didn't know what they're talking about, I can understand a bit Mandarin lah! 

And for your information, the one with the price tag RM54.90 is Korean version, it has 'imported' stickers on it. So please take note. I'm not trying to say don't buy Korean version, but please support Malaysian version as it's going to be recorded in Malaysian sales chart. Sales chart would persuade sponsors to recognized SJ's fanbase and might draw their attention to get SJ to Malaysia :)

Whatever it is, please do support this Malaysian version!!! Please love it a lot like how you love the Korean version ^^ We had so many things to do in the future after getting sufficient amount of sales.


p/s: SHINee needs my love...... T.T



sherermac™ said…
Like seriously u bought 2 version????
I'm gonna kill u!!! hahaha *envy*
Miss Healerzz said…
seriously, yes!! Hahahah! I'm a lunatic fan~~ LOL
park nae said…
it's out? wow! that's so fast! remember me? i'm Park Nae from, sorry bout all d bitterness n any bad feelings i might've caused..
btw, which jusco did u get ur copies from? are they selling it at just any jusco?? and the price is not bad..i have to get my copies too.. thanks for the info.. really appreciate this~!
Miss Healerzz said…
^Hey, there. I already aware of what I shall face when I embrace this part, so please don't feel bad ^^
Oh, I bought it from JB. I guess all Speedy shall have it by now? Or if it's still not at the outlet you went to, try ask the retailers. Maybe they're receiving it late, like one of my friend said, her place will only have the jibs at the end of this month.
Hope that helps :)
parknae said…
thanks! i'll go hunt them down on juscos and speedy stores~! TQ~! ^__^
Miss Healerzz said…
:D Cool~ Happy Hunting!
miraie_19 said…
unnie..I want to buy that version, but I dont found any stores yet that sell them.

lately, I went to speedy stores in Giant..gosh..there is no album sold there! then, I asked the salesgirl is there any korean album sold there?
(in malay)
U know what she answered? I dont know if she understand malay, but she speaks malay & I asked clearly..
she answered; " Album? is album?? album??"

OMG!!GOSH!! I feel gonna faint that time!! *pretty mad too*
What on earth I went to the speedy stores & asked about the album! of course the VCD or DVD or any CD album! why shall the photo album sold in speedy stores??
Think logically lah!
* I'm kinna mad now*
Miss Healerzz said…
@miraie: LOLz!! Photo album??? Maybe she is not familiar by describing CDs as albums, album~ LOLz!!!
miraie_19 said…
I've searched whole seremban for that version...unfortunately, the other speedy stores are out of stock, gosh...
I really want that version badly~~~
maybe if it out at my area, then I need go to Kl la~~~
huhu~ thats too far...counting on my time too..but, I want this so much!
Miss Healerzz said…
OUT OF STOCK??? What do you mean out of stock? Selling like HOT CAKES you mean or was it mean that they're not yet selling it??

Don't make me smile without any reason! XD XD XD *haengbokness*

Ohh~ maybe you would want to reserve one CD at one of the store. I always do that; I gave my number, name and deposit, reserve one copy of this album for me! Hahaha~ try that one ^^
QLa said…
where can i find the album?last night i searched at kota dmsara,they dont have it..uwaaa,really want this album..
aoki said…
I saw the imported ones in Speedy Mid Valley so I'm guessing by this time the have the Msian version ones? The imported one was price at about... RM54 I think.. don't remember. I asked whether you get a free poster buying the Korean version and the sales person said no.
miraie_19 said…
gud news!!!
I've bought the local version!
so happy unnie!! finally got the!
My sister bought it for me when she was shopping & saw the album somewhere & immediately buy that one for me..phew!!
so I've all the versions of sorry!!
Shina said…
hei u can just order from ur nearest shop if they don't have it, i always done that, just leave ur name and phone number n they wil called when the cd has arrived

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