Monday, June 1, 2009

Sorry Sorry ver.C and Romeo Orders

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Korean version
(Left: Ver.A Right: Ver.B)

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Malaysian Version
(Left: Mouse pad, Right; Malaysian version)

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Dear Malaysian ELF and SHINee World,

You can easily get your copy of SJ 3jib (yes, Korean version) both ver. A and ver. B at your nearest major music store!

I'm now taking orders on SJ's ver. C and SHINee's Romeo only ^^

And please do take note that I'm a voluntary person to take orders from you, I don't get paid for what I did. All I ask is, please ask questions to me with manners. Mind your words honeys, and I'll be responding in no time.

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SHINee's Romeo up for grabs:

RM55 only! Inclusive of post fees


RM65 Each piece

Order Your ver. C and SHINee's Romeo now!!

1. State your full name

2. IC Number

3. Contact Number

4. Address

5. What albums/how many do you want

6. Proof of payment (when you already paid)

Send these details with title [Order 3jib] to :

I will reply to you my account number soon.

When you received your stuff, please tell me so I would know it arrived to you safely :)

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Thank You for supporting Super Junior and SHINee!!


yuuna92 said...

I wanna ask something.
Are u still taking the order?
If yes, can I pay using wang pos?!

Miss Healerzz said...

hi there, yes. I'm still taking order. I'm sorry but I only accept fund transfer or bank-in

yuuna92 said...

Oh, really?!
Then, I can't order from you.. aih~

Miss Healerzz said...

you can easily bank-in from deposit machine though, it's much easier then lining up at the post-office ^^

KIMeunSoo said...

wanna ask u the malaysia edition contain all songs ke including the latest mv, it's you??

Miss Healerzz said...

Malaysian version is in the form of Version B thus 'It's You' is not included.

'It's You' and 4 other new songs are only in Version C and mind you, there is no MV with it. Only songs :)