Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Super Junior's MV at 8TV's Night Live Chat


Hmm....I'm a late night owl, so I get to see this one night live show at 8TV. I'm following this show since last week.


Simply because the VJ is the funny and witty HunnyMadu.

And of course that is not the real reason.

Last week, the show updated the viewers about Super Junior Sorry Sorry news, than it showed SJ's One Love MV. Flabbergasted, I quickly search for this show on 8TV's webbie. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it on the official web. I don't even know ift the name I put up there is right or not! ><

Just before  I write this, I watch the show again. The show is mainly about discussing the topic they had for that day using sms chat on the side bar. So HunnyMadu and sms chat moderator, Wallance, will had a light discussion with you guys about it. Today, (last night? I don't know! It passed 12 already!! XD) they discussed about online games. 

At that chatbox, somebody had requested for Korean or Japanese videos. HunnyMadu and Wallance were giving hints that they already had it in mind, so they ask to be patient a bit. Gosh, HunnyMadu told us about SJ's 200,00o+ albums sold!!! It's latest!! I'm loving it!! And hahahahah~ Hunny even said, the members are too many for a band. LOL! Than, she drools (okay, not really, but somekind like that) over Siwon's chocolate abs and even gets some pictures of Siwon to show it to viewers. I was like: SIWON!!! IS. IN. OUR. NATIONAL. BROADCAST!!! After drooling, she plays a Korean videos that they promised. 

I sweated. It's Super Junior's One Love again =.=;

She even said: "Well, there might be some abs flashing there so... just watch it (fans herself, feeling hot? XD)" Oh, dear HunnyMadu unni~ don't expect sexy from One Love~

As for people who are interested to watch the live show, it's airing every Monday going on Tuesday late night; 01:00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. But beware for Saturday too~ she had been saying about Saturday night, so I'm kind of confused.

Chatting to HunnyMadu and Wallance could be made after you register your nick by typing 8NICK[space]your nick and send it to 33399. You can chat after registering by typing 8CHAT[space]your message and send it to 33399 as well. One message worth you RM0.50 cents. Kind of useless, but if you're damn bored at that night, you can try to chat with either one of them.

As for me, I'm going to send one message, and hope they'll get it without thrashing it somewhere else. I registered already, but I got a message saying not all messages are going to be aired. So....yeah. Hope they'll be nice enough and show my message requesting for latest MV of Super Junior. My choice?


So, I'll be doing that. It's not really big, so I won't keep it as Sayanghaeyo's Mission. Keep your fingers cross, honeys. I'm going to fulfill my youth requirement again!! XD


p/s: Actually, she updated about BigBang also. But since this blog is SJ bias.....sooo~~~ hahhahhahahaa~


me said...

i watched ntv7 on wednesday at morning n there was rokuko japannese version mv. n i was like..wow

Miss Healerzz said...

yay! we had to admit that K-pop is getting a lot of attention recently :D

someone said...

i agreed with miss healerzz XD