Sunday, May 17, 2009

To Ryeowook; My 2nd Bias!!


It's time for my son's birthday!! XD Click on the banner above if you wanna know more :)

So basically, it's about sending presents to Ryeowook and the SJ-World's admins thought it would be nice to give Wookie CDs from all over the world. I think that is so brilliant!! XD We know how much Wookie loves to compose don't we? If he had the opportunity of listening to global music around the world, it's going to be so cool for him and he can be more creative of composing songs. I'm totally excited! SJ-World never fails to bring cool ideas along for each of the members up to now :)

As from my eyes, I could see that one Malaysian ELF had volunteered to send out Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's Lantera Timur which I can't agree more. She is a great representative to Malaysia and the songs (though not quite famous in radio) are damned good. I got my own copy because of the unique beats. So thank you to yunhogurl, whoever you are ^^


Since P-sshi had complained to me, saying it's a bit too much for me to act like Adam's fan but next it turns out that I'm actually there to show my appreciation of him singing Super Junior's song as a Super Junior's fan. (Sometimes I'm feeling guilty too~ x__x). Read here if you don't understand. 

So to do my justice to Adam, I'm going to send Wookie his latest album; Adam3 YAY!! I'm going to need somebody who knows Korean to do me some translation too~ I'm going to clip it in the album so Wookie would get the message; saying that Adam is a Malaysian artist who loves Super Junior, I'll be putting Adam's FC bloggie and youtube sites too. See? I'm fair enough to Adam ^^

I was torn to choose between M. Nasir, Pak Ngah, Aubrey Suwito or Zainal Abidin to show Wookie Malaysian exotic sounds ><

So, I'll be updating to you guys my presents to Wookie. I'll post here before I send it to Alice at S.Korea :) That will be Sayanghaeyo's 2nd Mission!!

.....and I might add another album? Seems like I really want Wookie to listen to Zainal Abidin too? LOL


p/s: Faizal Tahir, Jaclyn Victor, OAG, Pop Shuvit, all these artists are in my list as well. But than, I focused on Malaysian uniqueness as well as the rhyme that the artist shall offer Wookie. I want the best of us to be send. Of course, I want the best for Wookie! XD


Misz_gMah said...

wwaaaa..i am adam's fc.. i baru je ingat nak send adam 3 punya cd.. haha..but it's ok..just send it..

Miss Healerzz said...

awwww~~ so sorry ><

well, you can try to give another CD. The more CDs from Malaysia would be damn great :D Especially if it's got that lovely Malaysian's exotic touch :3

Misz_gMah said...

can i give an idea... d sebabkan kos penghantaran cd ni mahal.ape kata we meet at one place...then, kumpulkan cd2 tu..kte send sama2..? and kte leh gak kenal2 each other.. right?nnt we divide the share of pos cost

Miss Healerzz said...

^Aawww~ that is very sweet of you :)

Unfortunately, as I stated in my profile, I'm not with the idea to disclose myself publicly. I'm a privacy freaks. And I don't think I live near you ^^;

I'm so sorry, but that is a very sweet and friendly invitation. I appreciate it really much :D

Misz_gMah said...

oh ..its okay dear.. i send it by myself..anything for sj