Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What has SJ drives me to

Norfy: Oh, gosh. The 'U' days..... skin-baring at wrong place!
Super Junior: O__o Details?
Norfy: *points to Min's chest and Heenim's shoulders*
HeeMin: You're just jealous, don't you?

As far as I had my concern right now, I do think my perspectives on my future has changed. Maybe my new addiction changes it all? *cough* Super Junior*cough* Because this one addiction sounds promising to me or maybe I got that mindset on making it sounds promising to me. Either way, it's good. I can say that I'm quite sure where I should place my overwhelming passion to now.

I love Malaysia. This is my homeland. This is where I've been raised. This is the land that I shall serves, no matter what happen.  I have been wondering how shall I benefit this lovely sunny country in my own way and of course, different than the others.

I couldn't find the answer. Until I discover Hallyu wave. Heck, I dissed Korean pop culture that has been entering Malaysia since early 2000. Why? I guess my circle starts to ignore Canto-drama that all of us used to love and left me all standing alone loving it. Blame Winter Sonata and Autumn In My Heart. Nobody wants to talk about Canto-drama anymore at that time. I was an Otaku too~ in a good way of course. Makes me want to be a mangaka. I even had a team of mangakas but than, this all-girls group dissolved before we had any chance to debut together. So, there goes my love for Japanese pop culture. I still have it though, just that it's not as strong as it was before.

Super Junior introduces me to K-Pop. Korean pop makes me learn about Korean culture and the country itself. Why of all things, Super Junior? Why not the Hallyu star, Bi Rain or maybe the greatest Korean boyband DBSK? Or maybe Bae Yoong Joon? First love. That is my answer. They snatched my love for K-pop before I love anybody else in that ground. Maybe it was fated?And oh, did they quench my thirst of fangirling? I guess they did. 13+2 boys to keep updated with, it's more than what I need.* 

Hence, I found my base to combine my passion, my talent, my pledges and my desire. I applied to change my major to Mass communication. I want to be in that people scene. I want to share. I want to be creative. I want to keep the bond of Malaysia and South Korea lasts. Let me say I want to BE one of the many persons standing between that relation. If it's not as a diplomat (which I don't really aim) I ought to be translator or something like that. I had a fetish on literature anyways. 

Now, you know. What fangirling can do to you. It's not how bad your hobbies are going to influence you. It's really, how you look on it. And try to make it worth for you. Just like how it has benefited me :)

In the other hand, Super Junior really makes me ashamed of being ugly! I'd be prettier definitely!!!!


p/s: Oh gosh, I started decent but end up crapping.... 

*I started fangirling since I'm 5, there is not much to do as I relie on TV and mags. When I first laid my hand on internet, still not much of Michael Jackson, BSB or Gackt Camui that I had to be updated with. Gackt has more updates than BSB or Michael Jackson (loads to be updated when he had new controversies =.=;) still, it doesn't feed my fangirling well :P I want fast-paced artist that can keep me following them of their jobs and works. Super Junior is my definite choice :)


MinHyo said...

I started with DBSK for a while and later on fallin to SuJu after wtched SJ Full House.. Started frm that until now, its Super Junior! :D

me said...

same with me.even i watched korean drama early like purity, all about eve, hotelier, but i never care about k-pop until i watched super junior..

Miss Healerzz said...

@MinHyo: Wow~ Cassie-convert eh? Thats rare, I always heard about ELF-convert.And gosh, wasn't Full House addicting? XD I COLLECT CARS EVERYDAY!!

@me: LOLz~ Since the k-dramas stepped in Malaysia first, your case is forgive-able~ :3

miraie_19 said...

wow..ur story almost the same as mine..
U knew me ryt? I was a really otaku before..crazy otaku..even more 400 jpop animes songs in my library, lyrics, pics, downloaded animes, mangas..gosh too many..
U can say that its hard to change my otaku-side that time, no one can't.

But then, Super junior introduced me to kpop world a lot since I listen to miracle, Dont don, U..etc...thats why I loves them so much coz they are my main reason I'm kpop nuts now!

Miss Healerzz said...

@miraie: yeah~ some j-fans converted to hallyu ^^