Friday, June 12, 2009

4 Minutes IMHOP

4Minutes: Not easy on my eyes.

Observing the K-entertainment scene, you should be aware of the new girls group with the name '4 Minutes'. I am so damned sorry, though I love energetic girls very much with some weird twist, this group had to work harder. I mean, HELLO!! You look half like 2NE1 and that group has it's own fanbase with VIPs as their affiliate's fanclub!!

I'm not trying to be mean. Seriously, at least After School and 2NE1 had something to differ with each other. But this 4Minutes, oh gosh. Don't make me start with their trashy image, if that supposed to be funky, that is oh so wrong. It shouts CHEAP and JUNK for me. First, they're too young. Age around 17.8?? Oh well....Minzi is 15 (not to add Taemin and Pink Hearts). Second, I am so so sorry!! But they should pull off something different, seriously obviously different with the other girls band that actually had the similar vibe.

But this is my judgement by the style though. I'll wait for them to debut and see what they had to offer the girls band sector. I love cute, I love tough, I love some cool b-boying girls and rapping female. Do they had what it takes to quench my desire for this kind of girls group? I am yet to see it. ROLL ON 4 MINUTES!!!

Show me what you got!

edit: I'm writing this right after I saw 4Minutes pictures in ALLKPOP. I can tell you, I really don't like their style. Seriously OVERDOING IT!


p/s: Viv Onnie told me that SS501 confirms their concert in Malaysia this coming December!!!!! Now I need something to make it credible to spread around for It was told before in 5th June and I was late by years!! LOLz. GAHHH!!! ALL TRIPLE S!!! COME AND ROCK IT!! XD XD XD

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