Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cass and E.L.F, get your copy of June's YG!!!

The cover of YG magazine for June

It says June, no? LOL! I can't read chinese!

Flip over to the center of the mag, you got a gift~♥

SJ's poster; the size is 6 piece of my home's marble tiles

CassiELF, YG made us to choose!! x_x DBSK poster at the other side...
in my case, I don't stick it on my wall. I just keep it :P

YG magazine is in chinese and you could get it at the price of RM5.00. Sold at both Singapore and Malaysia ^.^


Please credits to Miss if taking out!


MinHyo said...

I'll go and get mine.. :)

Miss Healerzz said...

Yay! U go girl XD

me said...

ommo.i want one!will find it tomorrow. thanks for sharing <3

Miss Healerzz said...

@me: hehe! You too~ Rokkugo! Rokkugo!

mulan77 said...

omo thanks norfy..

i will try to find it tomorrow ^__^

Miss Healerzz said...

*dance Happiness*