Monday, June 1, 2009

Come and spazz honey bunchesss~

*My bad screencap of K-Popped latest entry*

K-popped girls just realized that SJ filmed their MV (Dancing Out) at Malaysia. So they blogged about it and was very proud of it. 

I don't know? It would be nice if I could see you girls spazz over there to see the overwhelming support SJ got in Malaysia? LOLz!! The first commentor is BabyBoss Pictures, he is a photographer who managed to get his distance so close with DBSK! Don't forget to pay his site a visit :)

Come and spazz away here!!!

And if you wonder who is that girl on the top right, she is Sofia Ridza from Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies, KBS channel. Read her interview and you'll get to know her ;) 


p/s: I'm going to be away for a while. The next posts are drafted earlier. I hope you guys enjoy it ^^ Do leave comments or shout at the c-box. I appreciate it much so I would know your POV and won't keep on crapping. LOLz

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